Are you Type A or Type B?


G. McClendon

Hugging senior Ella Schaffner, junior Elizabeth Griffies captures her friendship after a weekend working with her. Although Schaffner is type A and Griffies is type B, the combination of many attributes from each personality type make their friendship strong.

Grayson McClendon, Co Editor-in-Chief

You have heard about Type A personalities, surrounded by motivation, eagerness, and organization, and Type B personalities, characterized by common traits of being easy-going, laid-back, and stress-free, but which one are you? Although many people are not a clear-cut example of one personality type, there are many ways to find out which identifies you best, including self-evaluation, personality tests, and doctor diagnosis.

The theory of being Type A or B was composed by doctors Ray Rosenman and Meyer Friedman in the 1950s. The use of this was mainly in cardiology, as doctors hypothesized that Type A people were more likely to get heart disease based on their lifestyle. Their study continued to try to help treat the Type A people, but as time went on, the study became less statistic-based and more for individual use.

The Type A personality type is often described as time oriented, competitive, and hardworking. People who are type A tend to be motivated by the quote, “If you are not first, you are last.” They also are the type to consider being on time late, and arrive at practices, social events, and school early. Type A’s are prone to be highly motivated and have a strong work ethic. They strive towards their goals and do not stop until they have been met. However, there are some negative things that come with being type A. As the study showed in the 50s, being type A was more closely associated with heart disease. This is because of the amount of stress they put themselves under. Type A’s want to accomplish everything and put lots of things on their plate. They also are likely to be a bit aggressive and hostile when it comes to competition. Type A’s follow the rules, are leaders, and have ambition!

Now, the Type B personality type is known to be the complete opposite. They are characterized by the adjectives relaxed, patient, and calm. Type B’s are not as motivated by winning and losing but are just there for a good time. Type B’s are also not goal-oriented, meaning that they are not focused on accomplishing, but they enjoy the process that is getting them there. Type B’s live by the quote, “You only live once.” If you are Type B, you are most likely to be a counselor, writer, or actress when you are older. In addition to living a relaxed life, Type B’s can sometimes be identified as lazy and inattentive. Type B’s are people who lack in type A attributes, so many are not identified solely as type B. Junior Elizabeth Griffies said, “I got a 220 on the online test, indicating that I am Type A, but I feel like the only thing Type A about me is in my schoolwork. I am so unorganized outside of class.”

With midterms coming up, it is crucial to know your personality type. Type A’s: do not stress yourself out! Pace yourself in your studies, and take your time with your work. High levels of stress can be problematic and can lead to test anxiety, preventing you from doing your very best. Type B’s: it is time for you to step it up a little bit! Cramming is not a good idea for these upcoming tests; space out your studying to enable the best results. Also, remember to take this seriously, as these grades will contribute to your final grade in the class.

Check out the link below to find out your personality type!