This Valentine’s Day will be a piece of cake


Decorated very professionally, this cake appeals to everyone even if they do or do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. With inspiration for Valentine’s themed cakes on a range of apps, making or buying cake might be the nice treat of self-indulgence to share with a loved one.

Ashlyn Mills, Staff Reporter

  Cake has an important role in life everywhere. With its rising popularity in Asia and places such as Africa, Mexico, and Germany, it is interesting to think about how it came to be a widespread tradition included in odd holidays like Valentine’s Day.  As far as historians know, cakes used to be simple, sweetened bread. 

  Now without a doubt, in the United States, the majority can agree that this dessert tastes great. Whether the preference is with or without icing, gluten-free or not, people enjoy the idea that they can include it in events that have meaning to them. People indulge in eating cake at special gatherings, school events, and predominantly, birthdays. Nearly every couple spends time and effort on perfecting the combination of flavors for their wedding cake, and more recently, bakers engage in excessively decorating cakes with themes for less popular holidays such as the previously mentioned Valentine’s Day. Sophomore Ryann Capes believes that for Valentine’s Day “it is odd to celebrate if you are single,” but she mentioned that “cake is always good, and there is no reason to celebrate without it.”  That is ironic though because she happens to be allergic to eggs.

  Surprisingly enough, center-piecing this dessert or eating it because it was just good is not far off from what ancient Egyptians did too. Even when cake may not have been as significant, it was an expensive delicacy that only the wealthy indulged in. Who could blame them? Regardless, it was only in the 17th and 19th centuries that this dessert became so deeply rooted in a range of cultures because of its newfound affordability.

  The history of cakes exposes how modern additions made it so complex but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Back when they were not round or coated in the frosting, Egyptians still showed historians they had advanced baking skills. Kudos to anyone who has made a cake without the box because baking is difficult. It only makes sense that around our modern-day Valentine’s Day, apps such as Pinterest, Instagram, or maybe even Facebook, seeing a cake decorated in confectionary hearts and heart-shaped sprinkles is nothing to shy from, but rather something to embrace.

  February 14 is the holiday of love, so why not make a cake with exactly that? With thousands of ideas on a range of apps, it only makes sense to at least mull over the idea. At least give the holiday some credit for producing such adorable cakes. This Valentine’s Day might be spent single, but your stomach will definitely thank you. Franchises from Dairy Queen to Krispy Kreme love engaging in the holiday spirit, so cake and food could be the way to keep 2020 running smoothly!