The pros of binge-watching TV shows and movies


T. Jones

Turning on her TV, Lauren Jones browses Netflix to pick a show to watch. Watching TV shows and movies allow us to relax and de-stress.

Taylor Jones, Editorials Editor

  We all have guilty pleasures, things that make us happy and that we enjoy, but they may not be held in high regard. Binge-watching TV shows and movies may be yours. We all have those lazy weekends or days after school or work where all we want to do is sit and do nothing but watch TV. The best days are when we get the notification from Netflix that a new season of one of our favorite shows is now ready to stream. Now, we get to sit on the couch all day and watch season two from start to finish just as we did season one. Binge-watching TV shows and movies have always been given a negative connotation. It trains our brains to do nothing but watch a screen all day, as our bodies get used to doing nothing and we end up not feeling good. However, what if I told you that binge-watching is not completely bad for you and that it does have its pros? Keep reading to find out how binge-watching your favorite shows and movies can actually leave a positive impact on your health. 

  New science says that binge-watching shows and movies is not entirely bad for you as it serves as a stress reliever. As you are watching your favorite series, you are able to relax and shut out any stressful thoughts or situations that have previously been racing your mind. Binge-watching in this sense can block our brains from thinking about the stressors in our daily life, as all of our attention is focused on the plot and details of what we are watching. Additionally, if you are watching a series that you can relate to, it is much more beneficial as you can see how the character’s situations work out on TV and possibly use them as role models for your life. 

  As you are watching episode after episode of your favorite series during your lazy days, you no longer have to feel guilty. By doing so, you are strengthening your emotional intelligence. This means that as you are watching, you are subconsciously discovering new ways to connect to people in your life as well as connect with yourself. Freshman Kali Dao commented, “I binge watch Friends the most because no matter how much I watch it, it always makes me laugh.” Shows and movies that have complex plots, numerous characters, and multiple situations occurring at the same time serve the purpose of grabbing the audience’s attention and allowing them to mentally and emotionally relate to the characters. Making these connections with characters is called creating a parasocial bond. Without this, the fun and exciting parts of watching a series could dwindle. 

  Lastly, binge-watching creates a community within those who watch the same series. Viewers are then able to bond, enjoy, and discuss matters of the same show and create opinions about characters and storylines. We all get that exciting feeling whenever we are talking with a friend or an acquaintance and you have watched the same show and fell in love with it. It can always be exciting to bond and chit chat with a friend about what happened in an episode, talk about certain characters that you may like and dislike, and possibly predict what could happen next.

  Now that you have read some pros to binge-watching shows and movies, you no longer have to feel guilty for being a couch potato every now and then. So go ahead and press “Next episode” because after all, it is good for you!