The Coronavirus is taking off faster than people might expect


Spreading at an extremely fast pace, the Coronavirus is at the point where it could start affecting people at extreme rates. If we do not stop it now, it could start killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Harrison Schwinger, Staff Reporter

The deadly Coronavirus has become a pandemic, and most people are still unaware that it could be in their state, country or even school. As of February 24, over 2,600 people have died, and there are more than 79,000 cases worldwide. However, some people are unaware that it has affected over thirty countries. It is spreading faster than when it first started, and the World Health Organization says that the world is not ready to deal with a pandemic right now. This virus has already affected the stock market, it will affect how the world operates in the biggest continent in the world, and will affect the presidential debates as it is already spreading into America.

  Asia is the world’s biggest manufacturer of man-made goods and contributes to the stock market in many ways. If Asia’s biggest contributing countries are all slowing down due to the virus, millions of people will be taking out their stocks, even if they lose money. If this trend continues, the stock market could experience a massive crash and although that sounds dramatic, given that 2,000 people have died due to the Coronavirus in the span of a month, it is very possible to start experiencing these symptoms.

 In Italy, a plane with people contaminated by the virus came into the country after the passengers showed no signs of sickness, but they soon found out that there were multiple contagious people. Now, they have over 50,000 people quarantined in ten different countries as they try to contain the virus. In Iran, twelve people have died. That is the biggest outbreak outside of China right now with over sixty people testing positive right now. 

  Certain WHO officials are convinced the virus has slowed down, but they also say that if one country is not careful, the virus can spike again. Right now over 40,000 people are in mild, or non-life-threatening, condition. While that is over seventy percent, the other part is very likely to not make it through the virus. That is 25,000 people that could die within the next few months. Unless the virus is quarantined right now, the world could soon undergo a very serious realization that global warming is not the main threat to earth anymore. 

  Wuhan, China is undergoing very harsh criticism as they released an announcement that if citizens tested negative for the virus, they could go free and move or live in other countries. Hours later, they took the statement back saying it was a mistake and that people still could not leave. Meanwhile, in South Korea, 231 cases were reported in one day, and it is not slowing down. The president of South Korea put the country on the highest alert and said that the next few days are critical to determine how they will get through the virus.

  During all of this, scientists are still trying to find a cure but have not yet been successful. The virus is not an entirely mainly deadly disease, but it is very lethal to people with low immune systems such as young children and older people. Even still, the virus can quickly evolve and start becoming more deadly.