Gen Z: a generation taking strides towards positive self-expression


N. Keister

Decked out in stylish clothing from head to toe, senior Noelle Keister poses confidently in her outfit of the day. Noelle finds it easy to express herself through her style, especially when she is mixing masculine and feminine clothing items, as makeup and fashion are the two things that make her happiest.

Ashlyn Mills, Staff Reporter

  Fashion has woven its way into the lives of everyone. It stamps culture and time-sensitive ideologies into the styles worn, and Generation Z has no issue with appearing to be the most expressive and positive of them all. With messages of equality, self-empowerment, and success, Gen Z takes on the title of being “woke.” Barriers and restrictive standards are being broken, and hopefully, everyone can agree that it was about time.

  This generation is filled with activists, writers, educators, and most importantly, influencers. The amount of information shared is limitless, and social and environmental issues are being addressed in unpredictable ways. When discussing the modern additions to the fashion world, most advances are noticeable with women’s clothing. Restyling old trends are what this age demographic is now known for, and it has opened a world for teens to express themselves in a wide range of ways. Positive feedback from people wearing scrunchies, tinted sunglasses, or even multi-colored jackets ensure that businesses can stock shelves with more of these styles. These trends then spread easily on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok with hashtags sharing the word. An example of fashion evolving is found right in the heart of LGBTQ rallies. At these rallies, fashion plays a role because new concepts such as gender-neutral or gender-inclusive clothing make appearances. Moments like these display the shift in gender dynamics, and other movements, such as MeToo way back in 2006, sported women proudly walking in clothing that redefined gender clothing-appeal stereotypes. 

  Recent events, including those in the world of fashion, are connected to apps and celebrity collaborations. Influencers all over the media share their plans to be more inclusive, and brands like Savage x Fenty, FashionNova, and Forever 21 are making strides to provide attire for everyone and anyone. Generation Z wants cute, cheap outfits. In a conversation with senior Noelle Keister, she discussed the changes she has noticed in fashion. She even goes thrift store shopping to be able to add to her closet without breaking her wallet. While talking about her outfit of the day, she said, “I choose my outfits based on how I want to feel that day. Plus, I color coordinate. I have pink hair, so I normally have one item of pink on me to match, and I love additions to my outfit that make me feel vintage! Today’s outfit makes me feel like a sassy business woman with, of course, knife earrings.” Fashion is visibly developing to be less exclusive and more representative. Industries are going to continue to listen and develop because this is the generation that drives sales. Obviously, there is work to be done, but for now, take advantage of it.