Nolan Dorsey, Guest Writer

The Cat Talk would like to welcome senior Nolan Dorsey as a guest writer! Nolan has been a part of the Men’s Basketball Program for the past four years and plans on attending the University of New Mexico to continue his athletic career. If you are interested in being a guest writer for the newspaper, contact Mrs. Putnam via email: [email protected]

“Why?” That is the question, isn’t it? Why do we endure, why do we seek to fulfill, why do we love? These are the queries the human race speculates pompously. In our pursuit of the desired perfection, the inevitably of misfortune, suffering, and heartbreak can be an unrelenting reality. It’s under these hours of tribulation where we discover our passion, but more importantly our purpose.

When I speak with kids regarding their respective conflicts, I tell them the same thing every time: Embrace. Embrace the pain, embrace the doubt, embrace the fear. We aren’t containing the chaos; we are accepting it. This isn’t pleasantry; this is war. A battle of internal and external, good and evil. Study the greats. Study the tenacity and ruthlessness of Tyson, learn from the confidence and aura of Ronaldo, grasp the belief and obsession of Mcgregor.
Adjust and Adapt. Modify and Habituate.
Darwin, through observation of organisms, determined that a system of natural selection controlled the evolution of species. He found that the organisms that were most fit and assimilated to the environment would survive. As humans, we can’t evolve with the absence of deprivation. A variation can only arrive through the command and dominance of which you’ve been deprived. Simply put, mind over matter brother. To adapt and sustain takes discipline. Discipline of the mind. When I take the court and look my opponent in the eyes, I gaze into his soul. I sense fear. I smell panic. I pounce. I pounce on my prey like a wild animal. I pounce with a chip on my shoulder. I pounce with the confidence and certainty of a lion. Why? I’m prepared. I’ve been ready. Ready since they told me I wasn’t good enough. Ready since I feared. Ready since I doubted. When I step in between those lines, I’m no longer asking “Why.” I’m asking “Why not?”
“I feel bad for the ones that aren’t crazy, if you aren’t crazy in this crazy world, I really feel bad for you.” -Mike Tyson.