Learning to use the law of attraction in everyday life



When practicing the law of attraction, it is important to focus on gratitude in order to get yourself into an open frame of mind that promotes growth and positive change. Many philosophers highly recommend keeping a gratitude journal in order to create and attract the life you want.

Maggie Cargile, News Editor

 As humans, we often strive for perfection in our lives and set goals for ourselves in order to achieve happiness. However, sometimes we may find ourselves trying relentlessly to reach our goals but making little to no progress in achieving them. When this happens, we may feel an overwhelming urge to give up on the goal and start anew. While that may be the easy way out, if it is something you truly desire, you will find the strength to persist in the face of adversity. What you may not know is that sometimes this strength comes from a higher power in the universe. Regardless of your age, gender, or religious beliefs, everyone is susceptible to the many laws which govern the universe. While there are many important laws that each play a different role in our lives, in the realm of goal-reaching, the law of attraction is one of the most prevalent.

  In a nutshell, the law of attraction can be described as giving us the ability to attract whatever we are focusing on into our lives. It also states that thinking positive thoughts will bring on positive experiences, and vice versa. The law also believes nothing in life is just randomly gifted to us, and rather is attracted to us via our thoughts and desires. While this may seem like a difficult concept to apply to your life, there are many ways in which one can become a master of the law of attraction and apply it within their daily lives.

  The first way to master the art of the law of attraction would be to clearly know your desires and believe that you have the ability to achieve them. These desires can range anywhere from people you would like to meet, places you would like to go, or tasks you would like to achieve. The next step is to visualize your dreams every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up  in order to create a clear image of your desires in your mind. This will also help to put things in perspective and enhance your mood throughout the day. Positivity is the key to mastering the law of attraction, and by complimenting yourself with positive affirmations throughout your day, you come one step closer to accomplishing these goals. It is also important to make plans that will enhance your journey to success and track your progress when doing so by celebrating minor achievements. Meditation also plays a critical role in successfully using the law of attraction to your advantage. Not only does daily meditation help clear your mind, but it also increases the amount of positive energy coursing through your body.  

  The law of attraction has helped many people go farther in life and achieve their goals in a more clear cut method. Junior Casey Parzygnat said, “Sometimes when I am struggling with something and believe I can’t do it, I turn my attention to the law of attraction principles. It helps to change my mindset and work harder knowing that I can attract and accomplish my goal.” By practicing the law of attraction, many people are able to tap into a positive mindset and persevere through their struggles in order to attract their dreams.