Preserving your mental health during Covid-19



Looking out the window, this woman shows the loneliness felt during this time. It is very important to check in with yourself and prioritize not only your physical health, but your mental health as well.

Gabrielle Phillips, Editorial/News Editor

Coronavirus has pushed America into a mental health crisis. Changes in schedules, new normals, and safety precautions affected everyone in the matter of days. All of this happened whilst no one really knew what covid was, or how it even spread, but it was spreading quickly. One day life was normal; the next day  it was not. These changes can cause a decline in your mental health, and it is very important to make sure that it becomes a priority to be mentally healthy.

  Daily doses of death and isolation generated many cases of psychological damage. Living on edge everyday, fearing if you go out, you could contract the virus. Covid is deadly and can be scary to think about. Fearing that you or loved ones, could possibly pass away can create anxiety that you might not think is there. Anxiety can lead to changes in eating and sleeping patterns, difficulty concentrating, and worsening health problems. 

  Everyone responds to these changes differently, but it is very important to deal with the stress in a healthy manner. Limiting your news screen time can take away some negative energy that you are feeling. Although it is important to watch the news, the constant rise in numbers and negative stories can increase the feeling of anxiety and sadness. Talking to your loved ones through video chats or phone calls can help you feel less isolated. Spending time with the people you live with can strengthen your community and give you a safe space. Exercise is also a great distraction. Senior Caleb Tsasa said, “During quarantine I have been focused on my workout routine and maintaining and improving my physical health.” Running and exercising outside can give people a sense of normalcy that has been changed due to coronavirus. It is important to make sure you do every task that you would do normally: eating three meals a day, showering, and sleeping regularly. These tasks might seem easy, but if you are dealing with mental health issues, they can be difficult to do. 

  Keeping up and being honest with yourself is one of the most important things to do. If you are feeling lonely or fearful of what is going to happen, you are not alone. Everyone has felt fear during this pandemic, but letting that control your life is not good for your mental health. Make sure to wear a mask and stay six feet apart from others. We will all get through this together.