Campus Clubs: Millbrook holds its very first Virtual Club Fair


Photo By J. Inscore

Seniors Sophie Boulware, Haley Yopp, and Caroline Cabaniss promote the Unified Best Buds Club at the 2018 Club and Activities fair. Here, they provided information about the club and welcomed new members.

Caroline Kirby, Staff Reporter

The Club and Activities fair is always a fun and exciting tradition at Millbrook High School. It helps students become more involved in school and encourages them to try new activities. Due to our current learning situation, Millbrook has decided to hold this year’s Club and Activities fair virtually! The event will take place today, September 17, and can be accessed yearlong under the student services tab. Students can find the material on the Millbrook High School website, as well as Millbrook’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). You can find the slideshow using this LINK.

  During the fair, students can click on the virtual Club and Activities fair slideshow and  browse through all the different clubs the school has to offer. Millbrook has a large variety of clubs that serve several interests.  If you love scary movies, then the Fright Club may be the activity for you. Over thirty different clubs will be showcasing themselves at the event including Drama Club,  Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA),  the Unified Best Buds Club, Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA),  Millbrook Executive Board, and more. Each club will provide a description of what they are about, information about their goals, purpose, meeting times, sign up links, and Google Meet codes, etc. 

  Joining a club can benefit students in multiple ways. It can help them step outside their comfort zone, try new things, and become more familiar with the school. Clubs are also a great way to meet other students who may have similar interests. In regards to this year’s club fair being held virtually, sophomore Lydia Gillespie responded, “Personally I think it’s a good idea! It will help experienced and new students get information on how to get involved with the school. Being involved in clubs can shape your school year!” If you are aiming for a successful school year and high school experience, joining a club or activity is the way to go. Make sure to check out Millbrook’s first virtual Club and Activities fair today!