Spectacular Students: Aly Ignacio


Photo by: N. Ignacio

Soaking in the sunlight, junior Aly Ignacio’s bright personality shines through. One of Aly’s favorite activities is taking pictures outside with her friends.

Gabrielle Phillips, News/Editorials Editor

  “Aly Ignacio is one of the most creative and energetic people you will meet! She has an amazing work ethic and is a people person! You can count on her for anything,” said junior Ashly Lopez. Thoughtful, creative, and a lover of One Direction are all ways Aly Ignacio can be described. As Aly starts eleventh grade, what some would call the hardest year of high school, she is taking it like a pro. She is involved in many different Millbrook programs, including student council, MEB, theater, and the IB Programme. You could say Aly is a very well rounded student. 

  Aly’s favorite activity that she has been a part of since freshman year is student government. She loves giving her fellow students a voice and being able to make Millbrook a good environment for her peers. Her favorite part of student government is homecoming week. She loves decorating the assigned hall to her class. Aly said, “The whole process of making the art that is put on the walls is really fun when you do it with your friends, and even seeing all the halls decorated from each class is fun too.”

  Outside of school, Aly volunteers at a center for kids who have autism, which her mom owns. Aly goes in a few times a week to help deep clean everything, due to Coronavirus, and decorate for parties or events. She also shadows the nurses there whenever she visits. Aly loves helping out and has a passion for working with kids on the spectrum. Her favorite memory there was making animal balloons for the little kids. She said, “It made me connect with the younger generation, and I found it being a very rewarding experience, knowing I put a smile on the kids faces.”  Aly also has a job at the North Ridge Pub. She works as a hostess part time and goes in two to three times a week during the night shift. She appreciates how everyone there is so nice and welcoming and how it is like a community even though she just started working there recently. 

  When she is older, Aly hopes to travel, and she is also interested in creating things. She loves seeing how different other cultures are and learning about lifestyles all around the world. She also has a lot of friends and family that live outside of the United States and would love to visit them on her own time. Growing up, Aly always had a love for making products and selling them to her friends and classmates. Items such as chapstick and chokers are both things that she has made and sold in the past. Now, she has found an interest in sewing and fashion and would  enjoy a future career that has to do with these interests. 

  Aly is a model student, inside and outside of the classroom. She is so passionate about everything that she does, which can not be said about everyone Aly’s age. While being in the IB Programme, student government, and theater, Aly still finds a way to give back to her community. She is so accepting of others and welcomes diversity. Junior year can be very challenging, but Aly has accepted the challenge and is thriving so far. After high school, Aly wants to study abroad in college. She is a great example of a spectacular student.