Style File: A look into the best fall 2020 fashion trends


Walking down the runway at Toni Maticevski’s fall 2007 New York Fashion Week show, these models show off beautiful jewel tone dresses. This trend is just one of the many making a comeback in fall fashion this year.

AnnaScott Hunt, Staff Reporter

  It is that time of the year again, folks! The weather is getting cooler and crisper, pumpkins are being carved, college football is kicking off,  and the air is filling with the smell of autumn’s most notorious spices and sweets. The fall season not only marks the transition from summer to winter through traditions and simple pleasures; it also marks a pivotal shift in fashion. Fashion styles are accommodating to the more temperate weather and seasonal colors and patterns, as well as incorporating the current trends derived from pop culture’s most influential brands and celebrities. The 2020 fall fashion season is among us, bringing a multitude of classic styles, but not without a few new and unexpected trends. 

  One of the most customary parts of autumn fashion is the typical shades of brown, orange, red, and yellow incorporated into clothing. These colors are still proving to be relevant this year; however, there is a twist. Jewel tone colors such as sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, and emerald green are also becoming extremely popular this fall. Additionally, wearing shades of the same color or monochromatic fashion, which began its debut in the spring and summer seasons, is making its way into fall as well. Senior Anna Cate Broome stated that she is “looking forward to wearing some monochromatic outfits this fall because I love the look and the sleekness of it.” Picking outfits with different shades of the same color is not only sleek, like Anna Cate said, it is also chic, gender-neutral, and overall perfect for fall. 

  Autumn fashion is also seeing massive popularity in all things prep. This trend encapsulates elements such as classic plaid, sweater vests, collared shirts, puff sleeves, oversized suits, and more. This school prep vibe is extremely prevalent, especially among fast fashion and social media influencers. It is also a major reflection of the continuing impact of 80s and 90s fashion on today’s trends. Plaid sweaters and blazers will go with just about everything this fall, and they will keep you nice and cozy during those crisp fall days. 

  Fashion this fall will also be characterized by a variety of textures. Faux fur is still a staple item when it comes to autumn, keeping you warm and stylish. However, faux fur is not the only textured fabric making its mark this season. Fringe, leather, and animal print clothing are major fall fads for this year that can give any basic outfit a pop. Zebra print and colored leather are some of the more specific trends you may see a lot of this autumn. 

  There are so many amazing trends in fashion this fall that are perfect for any style and person. Ditch those sun dresses and swimsuits, and swap them out with a simple leather jacket or a chic monochromatic ensemble! Just as the leaves are changing this season so are the trends!