Comparing twin flames and soulmates


People were not put on Earth to be alone. Twin flames and soulmates are both forms of love that humans will receive during their lifetime.

Gabrielle Phillips, News/Editorials Editor

  Some people say that humans were put on this Earth to find love, their other half, the one designed for them. Many would say this is the purpose of life is to find a soulmate. Senior Ben Ntumba said, “Soulmates could be real, because people were not put on Earth to be alone.” A twin flame is someone who is always being sought after without a person knowing. What some people do not realize is that there is a deeper meaning behind both soulmates and twin flames. 

  A soulmate is a person or people who are aligned with one’s soul and can change a soul in many ways or another. Soulmates can be relatives, friends, or lovers. Often the purpose of a soulmate relationship is to help both people grow and evolve into their best selves. They are someone who feels very familiar and who knows the other person better than they know themselves. What some people fail to realize is that a soulmate is not just one person, and it is possible to have multiple. When a soulmate’s purpose is fulfilled (usually a lesson is learned) separation happens. 

  A twin flame relationship is a divine union with divine purpose. Twin flames are also known as twin souls. A person will only have one twin flame in their lifetime. There are magnetic pulls between the two souls that keep them together once they have appeared in each others’ lives. When twin flames come together, their bond is unbreakable and extremely strong. This is because twin flames not only carry the weight of themselves, but the weight of their partner as well.  When twin flames come together, it is often to achieve something on an energetic level to help expand the consciousness of the planet. 

  Although the two sound very similar, they are not. Soulmates are a reflection of one’s self. When someone looks at their soulmate, they can see their strengths and weaknesses, even weaknesses that can go unnoticed. Soulmates come in different forms, and people can have more than one. Another difference is that soulmates are believed to be together in a past life, and that is why a person can feel so familiar. Twin flames are not as rosy at first. A person will only get one twin flame in their life. A twin flame is someone that one has been chasing without knowing. It is a mission amongst an individual. Unlike a soulmate, a twin flame is not a reflection of an individual, but more like a soul that was split in two, just like “yin yang.” Twin flames may split, but always come back to each other.  If you are wondering if you have found your Ssulmate or twin flame, then you probably have not. It is a feeling that cannot be described.