How Clare Crawley Blew up The Bachelorette


To express interest, Clare Crawley hands out roses to the men she would like to keep around and get to know better. Receiving a rose indicates that contestants are safe for the next week and have more time to build a connection with the Bachelorette.

Avery Sannipoli, Staff Reporter

The Bachelor franchise is one of the most popular in the entertainment industry. Many fans get very involved and attached to the contestants. Coming off of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor (season 24), COVID-19 became a large concern for everyone involved. Because of this, the show’s counterpart (The Bachelorette) was postponed. Chris Harrison, host of the show, filled this space with a new show highlighting the “greatest seasons of all time.” In this show, we got a glimpse of many previous leads, including Juan Pablo (season 18), where Clare Crawley made an appearance. Crawley finished in the final two and quickly became a fan favorite, as she stood up to Juan Pablo for being disrespectful and overall a bad guy. Although she was not the next Bachelorette, the producers decided she would be a good fit for the upcoming season.

  Not only has the season been postponed five months, but there have also been many rumors circulating about how this season will ultimately pan out. Due to COVID-19, all contestants were quarantined and tested before making an appearance. As most fans who watch the bachelor know, the season usually begins at The Bachelor mansion in California, eventually traveling to other parts of the world. However, this season was shot solely in the La Quinta resort in California. Crawley was not able to live out the full experience at the resort as she essentially quit before filming was complete. Many sources have stated over the past few months that Clare ended her time on the season early due to falling for one of the contestants early on. Senior Ariana King thinks “she found someone on the show, but he reached out to her before the show and she fell in love with him.” Chris Harrison stated that due to the contestants being chosen prior to the season being pushed back, Crawley had a chance to look at her cast, so she could have easily had conversations with men prior to filming. In a recent preview of the season, Harrison stated that Clare had gone against the unsaid rules of The Bachelorette. As seen in previews as well, contestant Dale Moss has received the most screen time and fans believe he is the one to take Crawley’s heart. 

  This season radiates mystery and suspicion. Images of Bachelor alumni at The La Quinta Resort have circulated the media as well. Jojo Fletcher (season 12 of The Bachelorette) took over as host of the show for two weeks due to Chris Harrison moving his son into college, and then having to quarantine. One of the most prominent faces Bachelor Nation has seen is Tayshia Adams, a runner up on Colton Underwood’s season (season 23) of The Bachelor. With that, there is a rumor that she will be taking over as bachelorette if Crawley’s time runs short. While this is not confirmed, many believe that some of the men from Crawley’s season that were eliminated or did not make the cut may be asked to come back and make an appearance on Adams’ portion of the season.

  Not much can be confirmed about this season, as most of the news circulating is rumors. As of right now there is confirmation Clare will be wasting no time as reported by Chris Harrison, further implying her early leave. Harrison has not confirmed anything about Tayshia stepping in; all he has said is that Clare is the bachelorette, but Tayshia is not not the bachelorette.As the season premieres tonight, fans will be sure to have a favorite guy to win the heart of Crawley or Adams.