Forecasting 2020’s Halloween costumes


Provided by: Zach Wolborsky

Posing for a group picture, Millbrook sophomores Ty Broughton, Tanner Clark, Jakai Dickerson (Enloe sophomore), Keon Cole, Zach Wolborsky, Frank Chung (Enloe sophomore), and Tyler Swisher. Each person wore a basketball jersey (a staple in the simple costume world) to their Halloween outing last year.

Berkeley Sumner, Staff Reporter

   Each year there are certain costumes that are very popular and seen everywhere. Typically, the costumes that get worn most are ones that reflect what is prevalent in the media that year. The year 2020 has had many major events, from famous deaths to the election to natural disasters. There is an endless number of costume possibilities, but for 2020, there are a few that will clearly stick out.

   This year, the space cowgirls costume idea has blown up. This costume includes a sparkly skirt and/or top, fun makeup, and a cowgirl hat. Many social media platforms have divulged in the idea of space cowgirls which has brought the costume its fame. Even stores like Amazon and Etsy are sold out of the most sought after pieces. Jessica Rascon, Millbrook sophomore, told us that “space cowgirls are one of the cutest costumes” she has seen recently.

   Since 2020 is an election year, there are always people who dress up as the candidates either as a joke or in support of them. In recent years, President Donald Trump has played a big role in the Halloween costume industry. Stores like Party City and Spirit Halloween have even sold costume sets. This year, a Trump vs. Biden costume could easily take up a bulk of duo costumes.

   The HBO series Euphoria has taken the teen generation by storm with their surprising plot twists and relation to the lives of Generation z. The trend of Euphoria-inspired makeup looks and outfits have filled social media since the beginning of quarantine. The distinct looks have been the theme of plenty of parties and gatherings (socially distanced, hopefully) and could effortlessly be one of the top Halloween costumes among teens in 2020.

   Recently the buzz around the movie series Harry Potter has picked back up since the newly found obsession many have with the character Draco Malfoy. In previous years, Harry Potter costumes have been seen many times, but this Halloween there will most likely be another rise in the number of costumes used. Since the series has different houses, (Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw), there are numerous variations of costumes that could be created. 

   Many people looking for a quick costume just throw on a jersey and call themselves an athlete, or an accessory of some sort and claim to be a witch or a cat. Simple costumes are very helpful when you need something cheap, last minute, or even casual. Teenagers have been one of the biggest reasons that the use of simple costumes took off. They work for almost any occasion and that’s why they are so popular. 

   Halloween will certainly be done differently this year due to COVID-19, but there will surely be a post with at least one of these costumes popping up on your feed.