Picture of the Month: Halloween is here and has more decorations then ever


Photo by: Carter Ramey

Carter Ramey, Staff Reporter


  In the efforts of showcasing the Halloween spirit, this house in Wyndham has been covered with decorations and blow-ups. For years the neighborhood depends on one certain home to go all out for Halloween. Mia Claire, a Millbrook sophomore who has lived in Wyndham her whole life, said, “Once they put up the Halloween decorations, I know that fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner!” Her quote goes to show  how much people really love to see decorations and how it brings people together. During the month of October, this house brings the spooky spirit to this neighborhood and anyone who passes by. Also, given the circumstances of 2020 trick or treating will look a lot different this year, so this is a great, safe way to get out and get into the Halloween spirit.