Lights! Camera! Action!: Get in the spirit of Halloween this October with these classics


Wondering what to watch this month to get in the spirit of Halloween with family and friends? Ghostbusters and Halloweentown are two incredible movie options to watch this Halloween, since ways to celebrate this year are limited.

Lauren Jones, Staff Reporter

  This Halloween, spending time with family and friends is always fun, but watching a Halloween movie is sure to get everyone in the spirit of Halloween. Since this year has already been scary enough, we all need some humor in our lives, so search for Halloween movies that are funny and not as scary. Well have no fear, here are two fan-favorites that are sure to get anyone into the Halloween spirit and can really get you in those spooky, laughable vibes during this scary year: Ghostbusters and  Halloweentown.

 Ghostbusters is a hilarious movie that everyone loves to watch because it makes people laugh. This movie is focused on a team of scientists: Egon Spengler, Dr. Peter Venkman, and Ray Stantz. These scientists just lost their comfortable jobs at New York University, and now they are searching for something new to do. They decide to take battle against the supernatural using their high-tech gadgets and are nicknamed the Ghostbusters. While they search and try to keep their labels as Ghostbusters, they come across a gateway to another dimension. That gateway is actually a passageway that will release evil upon New York City. Now, they need to figure out ways to help save the city from becoming completely ruined. 

  Halloweentown is a Disney favorite that most people love to watch with their loved ones because it is a heartwarming family movie. This movie focuses on a woman named Marnie and her kids when they go to visit their grandma in her hometown, Halloweentown. After arriving, Marnie soon finds out that she comes from a family of witches. This town is the only place where supernatural beings can lead a somewhat normal life. However, trouble appears on Marnie’s thirteenth birthday. She finds out that she is also a witch and must learn to cope with it. Then, as if everything was not already causing enough stress, Marnie finds out that she and her family are involved in a fight against evil forces. These evil forces are threatening to take over the world, which would cause complete destruction, similar to Ghostbusters. Marnie and her family have to find out how they can save the world and Halloweentown.

  This Halloween, make sure to try out these movies and find out what happens in the end. While neither of these movies are too spooky, they still can get you into the Halloween spirit. If you decide you want to watch these amazing movies, they are currently available on Hulu. Remember to have fun with your family and friends while checking out these movies, but continue to stay extra safe during these times.