Living Fit: Managing sweets during the holidays


Making desserts can be a healthier alternative and memorable experience. It is important to remember that rewards are perfectly okay every now and then, but also remember to balance the amount of sweets that are consumed.

Caroline Kirby, Staff Reporter

 It is officially that time. The last three months of the year are filled with excitement, joy, and sometimes a little stress. Three holidays in a row, bring so much laughter, memorable family time, and not to mention the delicious treats. Some popular treats include yummy Halloween candy, pumpkin pie, and Christmas cookies! With so many goodies lying around the house, it can be hard to manage sweets and live a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to worry, however, because there are plenty of ways to enjoy the holidays without being concerned about the amount of sugar.

  One of the most efficient ways to manage sweets is to think about what will benefit the body, physically and mentally, in the long run. It is important to fuel the body with the nutrients it needs, so it can have the energy to get through the day. No one wants to have to cancel plans because they feel sick from eating too much sugar.

  Another way to regulate treats is to try some healthy recipes. There are a plethora of healthy dessert recipes on the internet that are easy to follow. Making desserts is not only healthier, it can create lots of memorable moments with family. 

  Limitations are also a key component when it comes to managing sweets. When asked about her strategies to balance sweets during the holidays, sophomore Samantha Hague said, “Over the holidays, there are a lot of temptations with sweet treats, but I have found that limiting myself to one or two treats a day helps me manage my sugar intake.”

  It is important to note that managing sweets does not mean not getting to enjoy any of the yummy, traditional treats during the holidays. Rewards can help with motivation and staying on a healthy track. Managing sweets means to balance sugar consumption and to live a healthier and balanced life.