How to safely volunteer during a pandemic


Photo Provided by Key Club

Working hard for Rise Against Hunger last December, former Key Club members Sam McCreary and Emily Ni volunteer their time to help others. Even though Key Club’s service projects may look different this year due to social distancing, they are still trying to get help to those who in need this holiday season.

Carter Ramey, Staff Reporter

The holiday season is just around the corner, and volunteering is a great way to help those in need during this time of year. However, like everything else this year since we are in a pandemic, even volunteering looks totally different. Many programs have had to shut down because they would not be able to hold events that could follow the COVID-19 guidelines. Because of this, people who depend on these organizations are not getting the help they truly deserve. Many clubs at Millbrook are making the best of the current situation and trying to stay involved by helping the community. Key Club has found many ways to volunteer. Ms. Genesky, the Key Club advisor said, “We have found that it is important to first build a club community this year, but have also had great success with doing projects during our virtual meetings. At our last meeting, we made dog toys for the SPCA. This is a project we normally do, but we had to make adjustments because everyone was doing it remotely. At our next meeting, we are making cards to send to various organizations for Thanksgiving.” This just shows a few ways to help others during the holiday season. MEB is trying to make the best of everything and is still helping the community. They are holding a food drive this November to donate food to families for Thanksgiving. These are just a few ideas of what a couple of Millbrook clubs are doing this year, but in Wake County there are many other opportunities to volunteer. Each week Wake County holds a reading Zoom for elementary schoolers, and they could always use more readers. This could really make elementary schoolers’ day if a high schooler came to read to them. Also, many organizations in Wake County are holding food drives. To find more info on any of these go to the Key Club website or Wake County Volunteering website.
This year may look different in some ways, but that should not stop you from trying to get out there to make the community a better place. So Wildcats, consider finding ways to volunteer this holiday season, just remember to be safe!