Conspiracy Column: Will Friday the 13th cure COVID?


Yesterday was the second Friday the 13th since the age of COVID and the election. This has left countless individuals awaiting the events that were possibly in store.

Berkeley Sumner, Staff Reporter

 Quarantining for the infamous coronavirus began on March 13, 2020. That day happened to be Friday the 13th. The second Friday the thirteenth of 2020 was yesterday, November thirteenth. The number thirteen is a superstitious number that implies bad luck, just like breaking a mirror or opening an umbrella inside, seeing as the number thirteen is considered unlucky. 

   Many hotels and buildings go as far as to not include a thirteenth floor because of this superstition. The fear behind the number thirteen itself began with Christianity. The number twelve symbolized completeness, so thirteen was seen as the opposite. The Code of Hammurabi (an ancient list of laws from 1754 BC) removed its thirteenth law, which led people to further believe that the number thirteen had an evil background. At the Last Supper, there were thirteen guests, those being Jesus and his twelve disciples. The next day, Jesus was crucified, and that just happened to be on a Friday. 

   With all of the buzz around Friday the thirteenth in general, many theories have surfaced around its involvement with COVID. It is suspected that since the coronavirus began on Friday the thirteenth that it would end on one too. Currently, cases are still rising and the CDC projects the growth in case numbers to continue. Schools and businesses reopening are certainly not aiding the theory, but as of now, it would take a miracle.

    Some believed that COVID would end after the election, or at least slow down greatly. In the past few weeks since the election, it has alarmingly gotten worse. The vaccine for the virus has been in the works and is said to be around 90% ready, but there are no distribution plans or guarantees as of now. The theory that COVID would end on November 13, 2020, seems to be false. The day created no known change to COVID, unfortunately. Yet not surprising due to the current state of the U.S. The fact that the first Friday the 13th of 2020 was the beginning of the coronavirus led numerous people to believe that the end will be the last Friday the 13th of 2020. The next Friday the 13th is in August of 2021, so if the theory is true, it will sadly be a long wait until COVID is gone.