Campus Clubs: MEB gives back to a community through a food drive


Provided by Cierra Gilliam

Members of MEB show their school spirit by dressing up for Spirit Week. Here, they encouraged students from Millbrook to virtually show their school spirit by sending in a picture from home.

Caroline Kirby, Staff Reporter

  As Thanksgiving approaches, many clubs have found ways to give back to their community. Millbrook Executive Board, commonly referred to as MEB, has decided to continue their tradition and show their support to the community through a food drive. For those unfamiliar with MEB, this organization serves as a voice for the student body and a connection between the students and Millbrook Administration. They plan many school events alongside Student Government, such as spirit week, the homecoming dance, movie nights, and the Winterbash dance. Despite the odd school year, the club has still organized many service projects like Bracelets for Buddies, and the annual food drive. 

  This year’s food drive will be a little different from past years. Students will be able to drop off canned food items on campus in their assigned grade box, or they can make a donation using this link. The food drive will run from November 1 to 30. To add some more excitement to this project, the club has decided to make it a competition. Each grade will be competing to see how much food they can collect. At the end of the month, whichever grade has the most will win! 

  Student body president Cierra Gilliam said that it is important for MEB to give back during Thanksgiving time because students “get the chance to not only help families throughout Raleigh, but also help some families from Millbrook.” The food drive is always a big event for MEB, but it is not the only event they are planning this year. Cierra said that even though it is a “very unconventional year,” the club is trying their best to keep traditions alive and make the best out of their situation. Cierra hopes to plan a movie night alongside her club members, which is one of her favorite activities. Make sure to check out the food drive this year and give back to the community!