Lights! Camera! Action!: Popular Christmas rom-coms on Netflix


With Christmas coming around the corner, people are in eager need of something fun and loving to watch. As everyone stays at home, here are some romantic Christmas comedy movies to watch.

Lauren Jones, Staff Reporter

  Christmas is in the air, decorations are up, miracles are appearing, and presents are under the tree. Most of the time, Christmas movies can get almost anyone in the mood, and romantic comedies are a good way to start. Netflix offers a variety of Christmas movies, and fortunately for viewers, there are several rom-coms featured on this list. While there are many great Christmas movies on Netflix, these two in particular are very popular, funny, and romantic: Christmas with a Prince and The Holiday Calendar

  Christmas with a Prince is filled with unintentional humor and finding love in places you never thought could be found. Pediatrician Tasha Mason, focused on keeping her kids as healthy as possible, is interrupted when a spoiled prince is in need of help. Prince Alexander Cavalieri, an old friend of Tasha’s half brother, breaks his leg on a nearby ski trip and needs a place to heal. Tasha is forced to hide the Prince on her floor to allow him to get well and secretly stay in the hospital. However, Tasha is furious that she has to postpone healing her precious children to instead treat a spoiled prince who thinks he is the most important patient. Despite Tasha’s distaste for the Prince, she soon realizes that with some Christmas spirit and a disciplined attitude, she might turn this “royal pain” of a Prince into a dashing knight in shining armor. Make sure to check out this romantic Christmas comedy with a Netflix subscription.

  The Holiday Calendar is another magical movie about finding love and humor in a life where nothing is happening as expected. Abby Sutton, a struggling talented photographer, is in need of a steady job, and also wants to find a significant other. Towards the beginning of the holiday season, Abby inherits an antique holiday advent calendar that gifts her every day with magic. Abby experiences the magic with an old family friend, Josh Barton, who has a secret of his own that could be very important to Abby’s future. While this calendar could help predict her future, Abby seems to find love with someone new, while something special could be somewhere really close. Secrets unfold, love spreads, and magic appears in this humor-filled romance story. Abby is faced with many obstacles, but her future romance is the most important and the hardest to figure out. Check this Netflix film out if you have a desire to know who Abby ends up with in the end.

  These two movies are incredible ways to get into the Christmas spirits with some romance and laughter. Sophomore Riley Sadler recommends these types of Christmas movies: “These are good movies because they are so much fun to watch around this type of year with friends and family.” Check out these movies on Netflix to have some great Christmas laughter and romance this month.