Indy Blue: breaking societal expectations


Michaela Teachey

Hiking as a family, Indy Blue and Jackson Dunford enjoy the great outdoors with their baby, Seven. They have been living together since June of 2019, seven months before he was born.

Michaela Teachey, Staff Reporter

 Among many things, Indy Blue is an influencer, blogger, traveler, videographer, and recently a mother. Her son, Seven, is almost a year old now while she and her boyfriend, Jackson Dunford, love being their own little family. The couple has been in an on-and-off relationship for the past seven years, which is where the name Seven came from. Indy also has her own clothing brand, Lonely Ghost, as well as a videography business.

  India Blue Severe, more commonly known as Indy Blue, was born on June 18, 1997, in Lindon, Utah where she grew up with her family. She lived a normal childhood and began blogging during her sophomore year of high school in 2013. She had her life planned out after high school, to marry her high school sweetheart, Jackson, after he returned from a two-year long LDS mission, and spend the rest of their lives together. These missions are a part of the Mormon faith and are very common in Utah. Having this plan was not out of the ordinary in her community, it was sought-after and considered to be romantic. After Jackson came home early, they ended up breaking up. 

  Although this was not a part of Indy’s plan, the break-up led her to begin traveling  and spontaneously going to Hawaii. Tearing down societal rules and expectations, she continued travelling, visiting thirty countries over the next four years and documenting it through videography. She made this possible by filming weddings and events, and planning her trips to save money. She is her own boss and continues to work on her own schedule.

  Also not a part of her plan at that point, Indy discovered she was pregnant in July of 2019, with Jackson’s baby, while visiting Costa Rica for the first time. Although she was scared and shocked initially, she took things into perspective. If everything in her life had not happened the way it did, she would not have experienced the great things of the past few years. Even though they never got married, Indy and Jackson live together with their son Seven as a happy family. Millbrook senior Sophie Boulware commented, “Indy is definitely my favorite influencer because she just seems so authentic and lives such a full life. I wish I could meet her.” Her life is a prime example of how life may not always go as planned, but everyone will always end up exactly where they are supposed to be.