Style File: Breaking down the biggest winter fashion trends


Various winter clothing items hang on racks, ready for shoppers to purchase for the season. These fur-lined puffer coats, gingham shirts, and other neutral tone items represent a few of the many fabulous fashion trends in the winter 2020/2021 season.

AnnaScott Hunt, Staff Reporter

  Winter is officially upon us bringing with it shorter days and colder temperatures. With a new season beginning and a new year approaching, it is expected for fashion trends to adjust. In the wintertime, fashion should be both physically and visually warm, making the brutal conditions of the season more bearable. The 2020 and 2021 winter fashion season does just that, reflecting classic cozy styles and colors, as well as incorporating this season’s new trends. 

  The colors, patterns, and fabrics of the winter fashion season typically do not change from year to year. However, this season’s trends are proving otherwise. Neutral colors, including shades of grey, brown, white, and black, are very prevalent in apparel this time of year. While these colors seem to be trending every winter, some new colors (such as soft reds, greens, and even yellows) are brightening up fashion this year. In addition, winter patterns seem to be shifting. Plaids are customary in winter, but this season specific plaids like houndstooth, checkerboard, and gingham are extremely popular. Patchwork, quilt, paisley, reptile, and dark floral prints are set to make numerous appearances in clothing as well. When looking at the fabrics for this winter season, it is apparent that classic textiles such as faux fur, wool, and other knit items will be widely worn. However, this season there is a trend towards sleeker fabrics such as satin, velvet, and a whole lot of leather. These textiles are so beloved because of their versatility, comfort, and the luxurious look they project. 

  When it comes to styles this winter, the trends are all across the board. First of all, hemlines on everything from jackets and jeans, to dresses and skirts are getting longer. Popular outerwear includes the prevailing huge puffer jackets, maxi jackets, fringe coats, leather blazers, plaid shackets (an item that can be worn as a shirt or jacket), and more. Senior Madison Ouellette stated that she “absolutely loves the puffer coat trend” and that she even has a few of her own! Cozy knit sweaters are still in this season as well as fuzzy cardigans. Additionally, footwear this winter will feature platformed leather boots and sneakers with every kind of outfit. All of these styles reflect the large influence that fashion from the 1970s is having on our current fashion trends. Millbrook senior Sarah Mooneyhan said that she loves “the 1970s style right now, especially the fun patterned midi skirts.” The fringe, brown tones, wide-leg pants, long skirts, and gogo-like boots are all very 1970s and it is just to die for! 

  The fashion trends in the 2020-2021 winter season are the perfect combination of classic and modern; they incorporate some of the most notorious winter styles with new pop culture items and vintage 1970s fads. With all of this, there is surely no shortage of clothing items that anyone can get their hands on to be both cozy and fashionable on a cold winter’s day! So grab your ginormous puffer jacket, some tall platform leather boots, a nice cup of hot chocolate, and stay warm out there!