Lights! Camera! Action!: Get in your feels this Valentine’s Day with these rom-coms on Netflix


With Valentine’s Day approaching, many are trying to find popular rom-com movies to help get into their feels. Here are two really great movies to start off your Valentine’s Day and keep you in touch with your loving side.

Lauren Jones, Staff Reporter

  For the ones without significant others, the ones who just want to be alone with their chocolates, and for the ones who love getting in their feels, this one is for you. This Valentine’s Day, get in touch with your soft side and let love come into your life with some flicks in the comfort of your own home. Here are two rom-com movies that you will surely enjoy, while you relax and eat chocolates this Valentine’s Day: 50 First Dates and Always Be My Maybe

  50 First Dates is a popular romantic movie and with Adam Sandler playing a main character, an actor who is sure to bring fits of laughter to you and your couch. After suffering a brain injury from a fatal car crash, Lucy Whitmore, played by Drew Barrymore, experiences short-term memory loss and starts to relive the same day over and over again. As her protective family makes sure everything is the way it is supposed to be each day, one person might cause some trouble as he fights for her love. Henry Roth, a veterinarian at a sea park, spends each day trying to convince Lucy that they are meant to be by recreating the same breakfast he shares with her every day. After many days of trying the same things, Henry gets creative with his ways and tries new things each day to catch Lucy’s attention and get her to remember him. Not only does Henry have to spend most of his time convincing Lucy, while also completing his job every day, he has to convince Lucy’s family that he means business and that he loves her. Catch this movie streaming on Netflix this Valentine’s Day and see how or if Henry is able to be with Lucy in the end. 

  Always Be My Maybe is another fan favorite rom-com that features many popular actors and actresses, like Keanu Reeves and Ali Wong. When former childhood sweethearts live in the same area, they are bound to cross paths at one point. After a 15 year break up and no communication with each other, Sasha Tran and her ex Marcus Kim run into each other as they have become successful adults. Although Sasha is with another person, when she sees Marcus, she starts to feel old feelings come back just as she is about to start a new life with her new man. Sasha, moving to San Francisco to start a new restaurant, is also having some troubles with her fiance, feeling unwanted and like she does not get enough attention. While Marcus is working with his family’s moving company, he meets Sasha when he goes to work. With old feelings and thoughts appearing again, Marcus tries to find ways to be with Sasha again, while she focuses on her current relationship. Their completely different worlds force them to make a similar decision to the one that cost them their relationship 15 years ago. See what happens with Sasha and Marcus’ relationship this February 14th on Netflix.

  These two movies can either make you want to chase your love life this Valentine’s Day, or they will keep you inside and wondering who loves you. Either way, they are great choices to watch, as many get in their feels this Valentine’s Day. As sophomore Piper Finch shared about Always Be My Maybe, “Well, it is just one of my favorite rom-coms.” Tune into these two movies this February 14th on Netflix and see where these couples’ love lives go.