Tiger Woods lucky to be alive after serious car accident


Wikimedia Commons

Observing his shot, Tiger Woods follows through with his club. It is possible that this accident may leave Woods unable to play golf ever again.

Hannah Hortman, Staff Reporter

  On Tuesday morning, Tiger Woods was found conscious by Los Angeles police inside his overturned 2021 Genesis SUV on the side of Hawthorne Boulevard. He had been on his way to meet with two professional football players, Drew Brees and Justin Herbert. Woods was running late and driving downhill on a road commonly known for accidents. At some point, he drifted onto the wrong side of the road and rolled multiple times before his vehicle came to a standstill. One sheriff noted that if it were not for his seatbelt, Woods likely would not have survived the crash. 

  First responders arrived on the scene six minutes after receiving an emergency call from nearby neighbors. Woods was removed from the front windshield of the car and quickly escorted to the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He had suffered multiple leg injuries and was immediately rushed into emergency surgery. After several hours of orthopaedic surgery on his lower right leg and ankle, further details of his condition were released. Woods had suffered from open fractures to multiple bones in the upper and lower areas of his tibia and fibula. Surgeons inserted a combination of screws, pins, and rods to piece his lower extremities back together. 

  After surgery, Woods was thankfully reported to be aware and responsive. Woods’ condition is not life-threatening, but his golf career could very well be over. Before the crash, Woods had just had his fifth back surgery. This was also his third car accident since the well-known incident when he was caught cheating on his wife with several other women in 2009. Investigators found no evidence that Woods was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and decided not to press criminal charges for reckless driving. It is still unclear what exactly caused Woods to wreck, but the investigation will continue.