Living Fit: How Millbrook students are working out amidst the pandemic


Getting some fresh air, this jogger gets a nice workout outside. Taking walks, jogging, and running are simple and effective ways to workout during the pandemic.

Justine Hooker, Section Editor

Working out and staying active has looked different this past year. For many Wildcats, the pandemic has altered where and how they workout. Senior Haley Yopp enjoys the extra time to focus on exercise. Yopp goes to the gym “multiple times a week and tries to walk [her] dog every day.” Staying physically active is important but the motivation to do so during a pandemic is a challenge for everyone. 

  Before the pandemic, sophomore Justine Sanchez said, “I would just go to track practice and count it as that for the day.” The workouts that were a part of school practices were very convenient. 

  When the threat of Covid started to grow and schools were canceled, many students like Sanchez had to make changes to their routines. She began to run on her own schedule along with “a new addition of safely going to a sprinting practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.” 

  Training for sports has also been an obstacle for sophomore Xavier Vennie who plays basketball. He said, “Playing with a mask is definitely not for the weak. It has been way harder to workout since COVID started. Having to wear a mask, being sanitized, and a limited amount of people sucks.” 

  The pandemic caused virtually everything to close, including gyms. While reopenings have occurred and gyms are now allowing people to work out, Sanchez has “yet to go back to gyms because [she] is a bit nervous.” Everyone has their comfort level when it comes to reopenings and public spaces during the pandemic and that is okay. Being physically active does not have to involve the gym or an exhausting workout. Exercise can also be more simple. Sanchez said, “I also went on walks with my mom and sometimes took my dogs for walks. If I did not feel like running, some days I would go for an intense swim in my pool.” 

    Doing the same routine can get dull, so it is best to switch it up sometimes. Sanchez said, “After about a month into the pandemic, I took a running break and decided to do some at-home workouts. I would do 30 minute HIIT videos, Chloe Ting videos, and some other different Youtuber workout videos for about a month.”

  Youtube fitness accounts during the pandemic were a big hit, and they continue to motivate people to enjoy at-home workouts. From pilates, HIIT, tabata, yoga, cardio, and barre, you can find any workout that you desire.

  It is nice to workout with family and rediscover past-time activities like swimming. Diversify workouts so your body does not get used to one type of activity and because it is more fun! Yopp is currently “focusing on strength and endurance” for her workouts. The pandemic has made people more flexible and creative with how they are using their time to exercise. 

  The bright side of the challenges during the pandemic is that it has made people realize the importance of health. Senior Haley Yopp said, “Since Covid began, I have more time to focus on my health. I began eating more nutritious foods and moving my body in a way that makes me feel good.” This is what health is all about. Exercise is an important part of overall health. Use workout apps and Youtube videos to stay motivated. Add equipment like dumbbells, sliders, workout timers, or resistance bands to make exercise more interesting. Do not forget to take advantage of nature as well because it is completely free! A simple walk, run or jog does the body well. Keep up the good work, Wildcats!