Sport of the month: Softball


Provided by Ava Joyner

Ready to swing, sophomore Ava Joyner waits for the pitch. She is a huge part of the team and shows leadership on and off the field.

Carter Ramey, Staff Reporter

With the high school softball season underway, the team is looking better than ever this year. Currently 5-1, the Lady Wildcats have notched wins over Enloe and Leesville who are at the top of the Cap-7 standings. Their only loss came against Cardinal Gibbons, which came down to the last inning. The Crusaders were able to hit a walk-off to seal the game. But, even with the loss, the team is staying motivated and trying to get better each day with practice. The softball team head coach, Coach Blough is very proud of his team prevailing even through adversity and said, “They show up ready to work every day.  They are constantly working with one another to get better and have been very receptive to the feedback from each other.”  The resilience is shown by this team through their work ethic and continuing to put forth a great effort. 

  Last year, softball season was sadly cut short due to COVID-19, meaning three seniors had to miss most of their last season as a Wildcat. This year the team has rallied together and often keeps in mind that their season is not guaranteed. One thing Coach Blough stresses is, “Being fortunate enough to have a season this year.” With many returning players, they saw how last year’s seniors got their season stripped from them. Therefore, they want to win as much for last year’s seniors as they do themselves. One key to success is strong leadership, and this team has several strong leaders. 

 Leadership is needed everywhere, and on this team, it is seen from multiple girls. Coach Blough said, “ Our three captains this year are Emma Mooney (‘21), Addison Belcher (‘22), and Misty Houston (‘20).  They all  are very hard workers and constantly help other teammates become more confident and continue to get better.” By showing how hard they are willing to work, they have earned the title of captains. Co-captain Addison Belcher said that she tries to not only get better each day herself but help her teammates as well;I have stepped up  and try to push my teammates to be great so that the team will succeed.” Addison can pick up her teammates and encourages them to continue to push forward. Through leadership and hard work, these Wildcats have attained an excellent record halfway through their season. Good luck, Lady Cats!