Oh how the cookie Crumbls


Amelia Benesky

After Crumbl Cookie’s grand opening earlier this year, it has quickly become a hit among all generations. Crumbl features four new flavor creations each week; will you try them this week or next?

Berkeley Sumner, Staff Reporter


   Crumbl Cookies is a business new to Raleigh that provides the community with freshly baked cookies. Each week Crumbl comes out with four new specialty flavors. Crumbl also has their version of the classics, such as the chocolate chip cookie and sugar cookie, available at all times. Along with cookies, Crumbl sells a variety of unique ice cream flavors. Their ice cream is sold in half pints and can be bought in “cream carriers,” where four ice creams are sold together. That option of an assortment is also available when it comes to cookies. 

   Most commonly people go in and get an assortment of the four weekly specialty cookies. Sometimes the specialty cookies even align with a nearby holiday. For example, the week of St. Patrick’s Day, a lucky charms cookie was a part of the specialty group, in celebration of the holiday. The cookies come in a light pink rectangular box with Crumbl’s logo and are presented exceptionally well. You may have seen this on a friend’s Instagram or Snapchat story, as these cookies are becoming very popular lately.

   Crumbl is located practically in the middle of Raleigh (off of Wake Forest Road near Wegmans), which makes it accessible to everyone from 8 am-midnight every day except Sunday. Cookies are made fresh each morning, so make sure to get there earlier in the day so they do not run out of their specialty flavors! Along with ordering in-store, Crumbl offers delivery, curbside pickup, and catering. Ordering at Crumbl is made simple with a few tablets placed around the store where you can both order and pay without having any contact with employees, which is a nice perk during the pandemic. You can also order online and through Grubhub, Uber Eats, etc.

    Sophomore Addison Pope said, “I love going to Crumbl on the weekends to try the new flavors with my friends.” Many Millbrook students are the same way; they enjoy trying the new flavors every week. Most people post pictures on Instagram or Snapchat of their cookies which makes more people want to try them. Because Crumbl has new weekly flavors, customers come back frequently. The eye-catching packaging and presentation make people want to post it, creating free social media advertising for them. Crumbl has quickly become a hit among all ages in Raleigh, so will you hop on the trend and try Crumbl Cookies?