Opportunities you should take advantage of at Millbrook



Meeting with representatives from a prospective college, students gather information about grade requirements and majors offered at a college fair. Millbrook hosts its own annual college visits for public universities in NC to meet interested students.

John Robbins, Staff Reporter

As our school year will soon come to a close, now is a good time to look ahead to your next year as a Wildcat. In addition, think about the opportunities you want to explore during your time at Millbrook. While you may not know just yet exactly what you plan to do after graduating, Millbrook offers a plethora of opportunities and information to help you get there, with assistance from our counselors and supporting staff. Read on because this information could be super helpful to you!
One aspect of post-graduation prep that Millbrook focuses on heavily is college planning and connecting students with representatives of North Carolina public universities like NC State and ECU. During normal times, there is an annual college fair in which school representatives show up on campus to meet potential applicants and market their schools. This also provides you with the opportunity to learn more about your in-state options if you are interested in post-secondary education. If you have narrowed down your college choices already, plan to take some college tours this summer to see which options would be a good fit for you as nearly every school has returned in some capacity. Mrs. Adams, one of our many guidance counselors, encourages students to take advantage of the Student Services department to find important information regarding scholarships, tours, and college applications: “Every Millbrook student should utilize the Student Services page, as there is a scholarship bulletin posted each month, and a search tool to find school-specific scholarships through the Financial Aid office of potential schools.” In addition, there are senior conferences and a Senior Parent Night offered in September, so make sure to be on the lookout for these dates closer to the start of next school year.
Another important thing students should be doing is developing their skills for the workforce, such as resume-building and practicing job interview skills. Mrs. Frazier, our Career Development Coordinator, is the best resource for anything related to career opportunities or developing the soft skills needed to succeed in the working world. It is important that your prospective career not only be personally fulfilling but match up with your skillset, and Millbrook offers a few ways to help discover that passion. You can take Wake Tech classes through the College and Career Promise program, take part in an internship during school hours, and even hear from guest speakers who have excelled in their chosen field. Mrs. Frazier offered some advice for students to keep in mind for job preparedness: “Students should assess their goals yearly via career assessments and monitor employment trends to ensure their chosen field is in high enough demand.” Employment opportunities are also posted periodically on the Career Services page for students looking for an after-school or summer job. Specifically for this summer, the job postings on the website include Pool Professionals and the City of Raleigh summer camps and aquatic center. Make sure to check out that site for the latest updates and job postings, to bring in some extra cash this summer.
One unique opportunity that Millbrook offers is the International Baccalaureate Programme, otherwise known as IB. The IB Programme is offered to upperclassmen that wish to challenge themselves and develop a number of life-long skills, such as critical thinking and writing skills greatly helpful to students. IB takes on an international perspective as the name implies, so students will learn about how their studies can make a real-world impact. Programme coordinator, Mr. Baron, talked about the type of students he enjoyed working with most in the program: “I love working with students who are engaged with the work because they really enjoy learning and are curious about the world. I also really appreciate those students whose interests are balanced between academics and other pursuits.” Rising sophomores and juniors, if this sounds like you, look into joining the IB Programme during your time at Millbrook.
Clearly, there are so many opportunities available at MHS so do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and utilize them while you have the chance!