Sport of the Month: Track and Field


Provided by Justine Sanchez

Running in the conference championship this past weekend, sophomore Justine Sanchez was able to get a personal record. Justine works hard each time she steps on the track for personal and team success.

Carter Ramey, Staff Reporter

  On your mark, get set, go! This is  how each race starts, and just like a race, this season has gone by very quickly for the Millbrook track and field team. With a few weeks left in the season, the team is excited to finish out strong. This year has gone very well, and there are high hopes for the postseason. Coach Adams said, “We have won every meet so far, with the exception of one second place finish.  We are looking forward to both the regional and state championships about four weeks from now (late June).” He is very proud of the team and their success, as well as the amount of effort that they have put into this season. Hard work and dedication are what led to the great success they have had thus far. 

  The team is very excited since last year not being able to  have track and field, on top of this year indoor track getting canceled. Coach Adams commented on how this team has continued to work, even through all of the challenges they have faced. “They have had to keep their nose to the grindstone for a long time without nearly as many opportunities to compete as they should have.” One main thing that consistently helps the team is their morale. Having a positive attitude toward practices, meets, and fellow teammates is what creates a great atmosphere for success. Sophomore Justin Sanchez has been on varsity for two years and said, “When you feel good and have a great mindset, it just radiates to everyone else and you are more likely to race well if your head is in the right place.”  This mindset is what allows each member of the team from runners, to high jumpers, to enter each event in the right headspace to put forth their best effort. 

  All the hard work that this team has put in is paying off, coming in first place at nearly every meet. As they enter the final parts of the regular season and move toward the postseason with a conference championship, regionals, and state championship, it is very important that they continue on the path they are on. This will hopefully help carry them through the rest of the season and allow them to reach the ultimate goal for every high school sports team: a state championship. Keep working hard, and everyone wishes you all the best through the rest of your season!