What Does Art Club Have to Offer?


A. Snyder

Reuniting again, Art Club comes together for their first in-person activity of the 2021-2022 school year. Full of chatter and laughter, students of all statuses come together to create a tie-dye

Ashley Snyder, Staff Reporter

Millbrook offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for students to experience. Art Club is a popular one, diving deeper into the activities will help students discover if they desire to join! 

  The Art Club offers a lot of enjoyable activities including tie-dye, arranging art shows, and meeting with artists. Along with this fun comes social opportunities. Art Club allows students to make friends with related hobbies. Every month there will be a meeting from 2:30 to 3:30, encompassing everything from creating artwork for the state fair to small projects around the school. In addition, if you wish to add a service element you could apply for the National Art Society which meets with Art Club every month. If a student wishes to join they must take the interest survey form, email Ms. Johnston to receive it!  No matter the art, many are likely to find desirable activities such as making a mural around the school as a group.

  Ms. Johnston, one of the advisors for Art Club, says,I look at Art Club as a chance to experience media and processes that might not normally be introduced in class. Additionally, it is a chance to socialize outside the classroom structure, have fun, and hopefully support and advocate for the arts culture here at MHS.” 

  Another head of the club, Ms. Moody says, “Art is a universal language that unites us all. Art Club unifies students of all grades and teachers within each curriculum. Moreover, this club offers a diverse, inclusive, and creative space to learn and grow.” 

  Students who join Art Club at Millbrook can find many possibilities for themselves and others. As Ms. Moody said, “art unites us all no matter who we are.”  Junior and Art Club participant, Alex Hauser said, “To me, Art Club means coming together with other art kids and having fun through different activities and crafts. It is full of great people and I always leave happy with what we made.”