Breaking News: Rolesville High School Goes on Code Red Lockdown


Police surround high school while in lockdown. They are telling parents to stay calm and wait until they say it is safe.

Ansley Russo, staff reporter

  At 10:30 in the morning, parents were informed that Rolesville High School was under a code red lockdown. This kind of precaution occurs when there is an active threat and no one is allowed to leave the school. With word of potential danger , the school took safety measures to keep students and faculty safe. Administration is assuring parents that law enforcement has everything under control. Students are currently not allowed to be picked up due to the lockdown. Confused and worried, parents are lining up across the street, trying to see what is going on. 

  There were unconfirmed suspicions of a shooter, but nothing has been confirmed. The risk is currently being investigated by police. Officials say the steps being taken are simply precautionary. There have been multiple shootings in North Carolina within the past year, so even suspicion needs to be taken seriously. Students were dismissed around 2:00 in the afternoon, once the police were sure there is no danger.