Creative Cats: Skylar Chan


S . Chan

Smiling, senior Skylar Chan shows off her hand drawn artwork. This outstanding student’s talent stands out from the crowd.

Meghan Kent, Staff Reporter

  One of the Millbrook art programs’ rising stars is senior, Sylar Chan. Skylar’s art of choice is drawing; she uses her iPad as well as paper. However her creative talent is not only limited to drawing; she also likes painting and sculpting. Skylar previously entered her work into the NC State Fair and won for Millbrook. This year her work has once again been selected to be  in the 2021 NC State Fair. 

  When it comes to art classes at Millbrook,  Skylar recommends taking any art class that seems interesting. It is important to get creative and involved. She says, “There are a lot of classes to choose from, and they all have super friendly teachers.” Whether it is sculpture, visual arts, or the digital media academy, it is beneficial for all students to take advantage of the plethora of art classes offered by Millbrook. 

  When Skylar was a freshman, she was placed into Visual Arts 3, a class usually reserved for juniors and seniors. During her sophomore year, she took the next level class: AP Studio Art. The question Skylar had going into her junior year was what to do next in order to continue developing her artistic skills. Would she have to retake a class that she has already taken? Or would she have to take a lower level art class that she bypassed in high school? Since there were no other higher level art classes, Skylar’s teacher, Mr. Davis, who teaches the only two AP art classes at Millbrook, approached her about creating a new class for her to take. He says “She may come off as quiet, but she has such a big voice when she creates artwork.” Inspired by Skylar’s creativity, Mr. Davis worked hard to add the new class: AP 2D Design.  Like any other AP art classes offered at Millbrook, AP 2D Design students work throughout the year to create their portfolio to submit to the College Board in May. However this class is different because  it focuses on the element of design rather than just creating art. Skylar tells CatTalk “This class is super productive and requires people to be mindful of where to put things in their art pieces.” Skylar tells CatTalk. Interested artists should take AP 2D Design if they are looking to improve  their sense of design. 

  Skylar’s advice to students who also desire a high level class that is not offered by Millbrook is to reach out to the teacher in that department. She says “You never know unless you ask!”   From being recognized in the State Fair to creating an entire new class for students to enjoy, Skylar Chan’s artwork has greatly impacted Millbrook. Even after her graduation, Skylar’s impact on the art department at Millbrook will remain.