Millbrook’s Upcoming Fall Play


E. Page

Smiling together at rehearsals are cast members Elise Edmondson, Miriam Rodriguez, Abby Martin, Casey Wild, Simon Kindl, and Henry Eastin. Not Pictured: Lily Kindsvatter, Christian Bartney, and Megan Gearing.

EvanKate Page, Staff Reporter

  This year, the Millbrook Fall Play will take place from November 18th through the 20th starting at 7 pm each night. The play is titled Night Must Fall, and it is a mystery and thriller. The play is about a local mystery with all signs of local crime mystery pointing to just one residence. Night Must Fall has moments that are so intense and frightening. The audience should expect to be on the edge of their seat by the end of the production. This play is a similar genre to the 2019 Fall Play, titled Bad Seed. Millbrook theater director Mr. Kotzian was thrilled that there could be a fall play this year. Kotzian explains his plans for the play; “I was hoping to have a massive play and get as many students back on stage as possible. However, due to the threat of COVID, I decided to have a smaller play with fewer students.” This is the first fall play since 2019. Mr. Kotzian describes it as “crazy to think about” when talking about how long it has been since students have been on stage.

  Many new faces will be at the play this year. Senior Casey Wild says, “It feels odd to see all of these new faces and to be the upperclassman this time. It is reassuring to see the new potential and know that there will be people when seniors leave.” Rehearsals have started after school and are in full swing! Since auditions in early September, cast members have been working hard. Mr. K describes it as “a learning experience” based on all of the new people and how long it has been since the last production. It is exciting seeing new faces come and rock the shows each year. Based on how the schedule looks as of now, Mr. K is confident they will be ready to crush the play in time.  

  Make sure to come and support the cast for their grand return back on stage! The production will be held in the auditorium and is expected to last around two hours. Casey Wild says, “I am excited, but it is also weird because it is only my second but also my last fall play.” So come out and cheer on the seniors for their last fall play!