Future of Duke Basketball


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Sitting down at a table at the Army football stadium Coach K signs autographs for fans. He was a great coach and will be remembered for his great successes.

Chandler Mason, Staff Reporter

  Michael William Krzyzweski, known as Coach K for the Duke Blue Devils Men’s Basketball Team, is retiring after the current basketball season. His former player and current Associate Head Coach John Scheyer will replace his position as Head Coach. Coach K’s retirement announcement left Duke basketball fans in a state of shock. Some fans would love to have Coach K stay as head coach, while others are excited to see him leave and have a fresh start. Millbrook High School’s Boys Basketball Coach Davis understands this all too well after having gone through a similar situation. Both coaches will be entering or have entered something new and excitingly unexplored. 

  According to an interview by ABC 11 News, Coach K does not want to savor the moment; he wants to live in it. Coach K also said that he does not want his retirement to be about him. He actually wants everyone to use that sentimental emotion to motivate everyone for what is to come in the future of Duke basketball. In contrast, Millbrook High School’s Boys Basketball Coach Davis was given the job as head coach five years ago. After being the assistant coach for 17 years, he described this experience as a dream come true. He walked into the new environment with open arms and familiar faces, which made the transition normal and easy. Coach Davis states that his experience and Coach K’s are different as well as similar from their individual situations to their hopes for the players. This is because Coach K is planning on leaving his current position, and Coach Davis was promoted. They both want their players to succeed in their career paths. Though Coach Davis states that he wants to have a specific “effect on the boy’s life “ whether it be a doctor or a lawyer, he wants them to have impactful memories with the team. Coach K also wants to have a memorable impact on his team, but Coach K’s dynamic is him being the first step in trying to ascend in the player’s basketball career . Overall, both coaches want to have an impact on their team and enjoy being a part of the team.

  Some people are glad that Coach K is leaving and feel that the Duke basketball team will be better off without Coach K. Sophomore Avery Wygyant says “Duke was on a decline. Hopefully with this new start and new coaching staff, they will eventually get better.” Avery believes that there is hope in the future of Duke basketball, and Coach K leaving will make the Duke Basketball Team more successful. While Avery believes that Coach K’s leave is great news, other Duke basketball fans disagree. After reviewing multiple articles about this matter, people who disagree believe that Coach K is a legend. Anyone after that will have a hard time filling his place and will never be on his level of expertise. The fans also said that by the team not having much trust for a new coach, it is easy for rival teams to manipulate players. A lot of people’s opinions are based on how they feel about school and the sport.

  Overall, Coach K’s retirement is making Duke fans wonder what is next for the future of Duke basketball. While both Coach K and Coach Davis went through different experiences, they both are looking forward to the future.