Flood Nearly Wipes Out Half of Outer Banks


Outer Banks homes were flooded through, along with cars and personal belongings. Residents walk through floodwaters, where their homes used to sit on dry land.

De'Zaria Lucas, Staff Reporter

Monday, November 8th, the Rodanthe, NC area was closed due to the sound flooding in the Outer Banks. The high tides brought strong winds, plenty of rain to the coast. The storm first began Saturday, November 6th,  the roads will continue to be closed by Tuesday, November 9th until the storm is completely over. In the meantime crews are clearing roads and rebuilding dunes that were washed out. The storm came pretty quickly, but is current;y on day three of continuous rain.

 The North Carolina Department of Transportation is doing their best to keep drivers safe, encouraging them to avoid Highway 12 and to not drive through flood waters. NCDOT warns that the road is “closed from Rodanthe north to the Marc Basnight Bridge at Oregon Inlet, or about 13 miles.”

 The Department of Transportation says, “It is not unusual for parts of NC 12 to be unavailable during severe weather events.” Today’s storm was complicated when “the morning high tide contributed to ocean overwash that breached dunes protecting the road.” according to NCDOT