Unravel the Pages: How to Pass the Time on Boring No-School Days This Fall?


Provided by: L. Jones

Showcasing The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and Pumpkin Everything, here are two amazing books with interesting plot lines and twists. These two books can help pass the time on boring days off school and give off the warm, cozy fall vibes that everybody has been waiting for.

Lauren Jones, Section Editor

  Everyone loves days off school, but with so many this November, people might begin to run out of things to do on their days off. In this case, sometimes the best thing to do is to find some cozy fall books, find a nice comfortable spot on the couch, cuddle up with a warm blanket, and get to reading! Two books that would be perfect for this are The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab and Pumpkin Everything by Beth Labonte. 

  The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a mix of a historical fiction and fantasy fiction genre with multiple intriguing aspects of an unusual life. The book focuses on the life of Addie LaRue, starting in France of 1714, when she makes a desperate attempt to live forever. However, when she makes a Faustian bargain to live forever, LaRue is cursed to be forgotten by every person she meets in her lifetime. So, over thousands of centuries, LaRue’s extraordinary life begins as she travels across continents, exploring many different adventures. She learns more about history and art everywhere she travels and uses that information to determine how far she needs to go to leave her mark on the world, even though no one will remember her despite anything she does. However, when LaRue meets a young man in a hidden bookstore, nearly 300 years after her curse, her life changes as he is the first to remember her name. This book provides a dive into the past and an interesting course of events to read about as more days off school approach. 

  Pumpkin Everything is a romance novel that introduces the idea of falling into old love interests when returning back home for important reasons. This book starts off with Amy Fox, a novelist who calls off her wedding and is left with a broken heart, writer’s block, and a very serious aversion to anything with pumpkin spice. However, when she receives news that her grandfather has broken his wrist, she has no choice but to travel 500 miles to her home in Autumn boro, New Hampshire to check on him. By returning home, she can assure that he will not be put in assisted living and lose her childhood home. But when she arrives, she is only worried about unexpectedly running into an old friend that she once had a rocky relationship with. Once the two reconnect, will there be a second chance for both of them, or will things unravel and fall to pieces once again? This book offers a fall-based atmosphere with an interesting love story to read about when sitting at home on days off school with nothing to do.

  Remember to check out these books as multiple days off school approach in the upcoming weeks. These books can get you either in the mysterious, historical fiction fall mood or in the romantic fall mood.