Sport of the Month: Indoor Track and Field


K. Johnson

Indoor track and field runners, Hannah Frederick, Ella Patchin, Amauri Anderson, and Alyiah smile as they pose for a picture waiting for tryouts to start

Kendall Johnson, Staff Reporter

 While not many know about this team, Millbrook’s Indoor Track and Field Team is definitely an important group. While conditioning for the team has started, the season is not yet official. The team tryouts are on November 1st, and their season officially starts on December 8th when they have their first meet at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem. The dedicated athletes will work very hard this season, practicing six days a week and attending many meets throughout the season. At Millbrook, there is also an outdoor team, but indoor track is different. While both teams practice outdoors, indoor track athletes attend meets that are indoors on a 200 meter track instead of an outdoor, traditional 400 meter track. The indoor track athletes also practice through the fall and winter seasons (November-February) while outdoor track athletes practice through the summer and spring months (March-June). Indoor Track and Field has different events than outdoor track as well. The running events include the 55- meter-dash, 300- meter-dash, and 500 meter-dash instead of the traditional 100, 200, and 400- meter-dash. 

  While the indoor season has not yet officially started, athletes are excited to get back to working toward this upcoming season in hopes of winning the Indoor State Championship as the boys team did in 2020. Senior Danielle Sanchez, who has been on varsity all four years of her track career, is looking forward to her senior year of track and is very hopeful for this season. She says, “I think it [the season] will go well if I continue to stay disciplined and put in the hard work.” The athletes on Millbrook’s Indoor Track and Field Team are in a positive, family-like environment. Danielle also says, “My favorite part of indoor track is the away meets because I get to stay in a hotel with my best friends and have good laughs and a good time.” Junior Sainabou Jammeh, who has been on the team for two years, says her favorite part of indoor track is going to the meets and getting to meet people from different schools. She explains that indoor track has different aspects than outdoor track because “indoor track has some different running events from outdoor, and I think that is cool because it gives you the opportunity to try something new.” As the 2021-2022 Indoor Track and Field season approaches, be on the lookout for these amazing, talented athletes who need all the support they can get this season. Good luck athletes; we are rooting for you!