Get Ready for the PreACT

Many students stress about standardized testing. The PreACT is a stress-free exam used to prepare students for the future.

Many students stress about standardized testing. The PreACT is a stress-free exam used to prepare students for the future.

Meghan Kent, Staff Reporter

  On November 17th, all Millbrook sophomores will take the PreACT in order to prepare for future college level multiple-choice assessments. In short, the PreACT is a multiple-choice test given on paper that simulates the ACT testing experience. There are four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science, with a total test time of three to three and a half hours. Similar to the ACT, the PreACT is scored on a 1-36 scale. An average score on the PreACT is around 18-20. Historically, Millbrook has had an average score of 22.1, with a math mean of 20.5, science mean of 22.6, STEM mean of 21.8, English of 19.8 and reading of 25. 

  The test proctoring will be set up throughout the 200 building with one test administrator per room, and hall monitors stationed throughout the 200 building. Ms. Sanchez, Millbrook’s testing coordinator, will also be stationed in the 200 building for support before, during, and after the testing period. Not only does the administration of the PreACT affect sophomores, but it affects all Millbrook students. On the date of the PreACT, the school bell schedule will change, so be aware that the day may look different. First and second periods will be extended; third period and lunches will remain the same, and fourth period will be shortened.  The PreACT for virtual academy students as well as make-up tests will be held on Friday, December 3rd. The bell schedule may also need to change on the day of the make-up test depending on the number of students taking the test that day.   

  The main purpose of the PreACT is to prepare students for the ACT. The test is a way to familiarize students with the format, time limit, and contents of the ACT. Millbrook Assistant Principal and testing coordinator Ms. Sanchez says, “It serves to give students, their families, and staff data to know what additional practice and preparation they may need for the actual ACT.” Taking the PreACT is a North Carolina requirement for all tenth graders. Sophomore Alison Hinnant says, “It gives us a chance to absorb the new things and also gives us time to prepare for the next one. It is a good learning opportunity.” 

   Students are not expected to study too hard for the exam as the test itself serves as practice for the ACT. The Pre ACT is shorter and easier than the ACT and does not have the optional essay sections, meaning students do not have to stress about taking a higher level test as a tenth grader. If students want to prepare for the test, ACT prep and practice tests are available, as well as notes taken in English, Math or Science classes. Hinnant says, “I will be reviewing things we have already learned about and learning about any shortcuts I can use to make the test easier.” Testing strategies for time management and eliminating wrong answers can be useful for students to review. When asked about test taking tips, Ms. Sanchez says, “We always recommend getting a good night’s rest and eating a sustainable breakfast.” It is important to remember that everyone takes tests and studies differently; students are encouraged to use test and study methods that work best for them.