MHS Veterans on Staff

On this Veterans Day 2021, the staff of Cat Talk would like to thank these Millbrook staff members for their prior military service. Their commitment to serving our students everyday is a continuation of the service they showed to our country by serving in the branches of America’s military. We thank them not only today, but every day. We are proud to be your students and colleagues.

Pablo Colon del Moral

JROTC instructor
Branch: Army
Rank: 1st SGT
Years of Service: 20 years, 7 days
Job: CH-47 Helicopter Mechanic and Recruiter
Most enjoyed: “[I] enjoyed all the experiences like meeting people and traveling. I would not have met my wife without the Army. (one of those traveling duties)”

Daniel Cortright

Branch: Navy (active duty), Navy Reserves
Rank: E-5
Years of Service: 8
Job: Heavy Equipment Operator
Most enjoyed: Structure, consistent pay, travel, and money for college
Memorable experience: “I was involved as a convoy driver in the supply chain that helped secure the Baghdad airport at the beginning of the war in the middle east.”

Jonathan Davis

Branch: Army, (active duty), Army Reserves and National Guard
Rank: Sergeant First Class
Years of Service: 15
Job: Infantry
Most enjoyed: Getting to travel overseas

Duane Flowers

Branch: Army (active duty)
Rank: E-6, Staff Sergeant
Years of Service: 9
Job: Air defense artillery (“My job was to shoot down planes, helicopters, and missiles while also defending the unit from tanks and dismounted troops.”)
A memorable experience: ”I arrived [at] basic training about 11:00 pm and went to bed around 1:00 am. The drill sergeant came into the barracks around 4:30 am, kicking a metal trash can down the aisle, yelling, and banging on a trash can lid. I was so tired that I slept through it all. He came in three times, and I was still in bed. The drill sergeant saw me in the bunk and kicked my mattress over. Needless to say, I never slept in again.”

Eric Hopper

JROTC instructor
Branch: Army (active duty)
Rank: CW3
Years of Service: 20
Job: UH60 Blackhawk Pilot
Most enjoyed: The camaraderie and banter with other soldiers.
Memorable experience: “On Christmas, we would fly around Afghanistan going base to base with soldiers dressed up at Santa. It was a great sight to see with Santa hanging from a Hoist and a full kit strapped to his chest.”

B. Lemmons Beryl Lemmons

Branch: Army (active duty)
Rank: E-7
Years of Service: 20
Job: Special Musician
Most Enjoyed: Events in DC

Richard Thrash

Branch: Army (active duty)
Rank: E-4
Years of Service: 3
Job: Food Service Specialist
Most Enjoyed: “I enjoyed meeting new people from different cultures. I enjoyed Military Drills and Ceremony. I enjoyed the unity and camaraderie. I enjoyed the travel.”