Giving Thanks To All Veterans


Provided by : Mrs. Abbott

Mrs. Abbott’s father, Pello Duncan, poses in his Air Force uniform. This is one of the many pictures Mrs. Abbott has to remember her father by.

Chandler Mason, Staff Reporter

  Veterans are everyday men and women who have served the nation to keep Americans free. They signed up to do whatever it takes to ensure safety within the country. On this day, veterans are celebrated and remembered for all the amazing things they have done. Veterans Day honors those who have served and given up so much and had to miss out on many things while deployed. Mrs. Abbott saw this first hand with her own father and says, “My dad was in the Air Force which was very time consuming, so I spent a lot of time with my grandparents who would help my mom when my dad was gone.” This shows the impact that being in the military has on a family. Veterans today and everyday should be thanked for their service for the country. 

  Schools across the country have this day off to give students and families the opportunity  to show their love and support for veterans. JROTC is a program at Millbrook High School and they have many connections to the military. To honor veterans, they just completed their Mission 22 fundraiser, a run to bring awareness around veterans who commit suicide. Unfortunately, on average 22 veterans a day suffer this fate. This run helped raise money for this organization and was a great way to let Millbrook know how important veterans truly are. There are many different ways to celebrate veterans on this day such as the Veterans Day Ceremony at Fayetteville State University and the Hell or High Seas: Film Premier & Community Mental Health Conversation. 

  On this day of remembrance, realizing the sacrifice all veterans have made to allow for America to remain free is something that should be done. For anyone who is directly related to a veteran, like Mrs. Abbott,  it is important to be thankful for their time of service while understanding the sacrifices those closest to them also make. It is just as important for those who might not be related to a veteran to know that today is for all of the men and women. Thank you to all veterans, and their families who supported them!