Helping Others with a Food Drive


M. Nassar

Drop donations off in English class and get a chance to win a cool prize! These donations will go towards helping others in need during the holidays.

Sofia Burr Reynolds, Staff reporter

  Want to win a special prize for class?  Donating to this year’s food drive can make that happen! The Millbrook Executive Board (MEB) is hosting a food drive throughout the whole month of November. Students can bring any packaged food items, boxes or cans, and give it to their English teacher. Whichever class gains the most food items will receive a special prize. Ashly Arias-Lopez, a senior at Millbrook and president of MEB, says, “The student body comes and helps to gather all the food to give to people. The food drive is to help support people in need who are having trouble getting meals to eat.” The purpose of the Millbrook food drive is to provide food for those in need struggling during this time of year. 

 Millbrook is an International Baccalaureate (IB)  school where students get to go beyond what they learn, allowing them to reflect on different traits such as responsibility and leadership. With this philanthropic event,  students can learn about how this helps other people and how to show compassion toward others. Ms. Haddock, one of the advisors of MEB, says, “The food drive makes me feel caring, and we are an IB school, and one of the learner traits is caring. It makes me feel proud to see these students helping and caring about other people around them.” 

  So far, they have collected 649 can donations, and Ms. Delp is currently in the lead with the most donations. Once MEB officers have gathered all the donations from the student body, they stock it up in the pantry, run by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), and give it to the Eastern Carolina Food Bank. MEB decided to carry out this fundraiser during the month of November because the holidays are the most chaotic time of year, and they want to do their best to help everybody in need. The food drive is still happening, so any students can still donate by bringing items to their English teacher to help out others in need.