Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Bartney


M. Kent

Mrs. Bartney loves to teach and wants to see each one of her students succeed.

  On Wednesday, November 10th, the Teacher of the Year Award was awarded to Mrs. Kierston Bartney. Mrs. Bartney is a Forensic Science teacher and an AP/IB/Honors/Academic Chemistry teacher at Millbrook. She has been teaching for 23 years and has been a teacher at Millbrook for about nine years. Mrs. Bartney is a National Board-Certified Teacher, as well as the National Achievers Society advisor. Her leadership roles include: beginning teacher mentor, SAT Weekend School instructor, Newcomers Camp Coordinator, and 2021-22 Administrative Intern.

  Mrs. Bartney is a very hard working, family-oriented person who clearly cares about each and every one of her students. Outside of school, she likes to spend time with her husband and her children. She is also a part of the racial reconciliation group and a member of her church’s executive board. Although Mrs. Bartney loves being a teacher, she originally wanted to be a dentist, but it did not work because she did not like biology. She says, “I have always taught in some aspect; when I was younger, I used to teach college kids math because my dad was a professor. Eventually, I found my passion and love for teaching.” Mrs. Bartney has a special way of teaching her students, and she makes it a goal for her classroom to be a safe space and for all her students to feel welcome. “It is okay to learn a challenging subject.”  Mrs. Bartney, an involved teacher in the classroom says,Even in difficulties, you are learning and moving forward. I want to help my students develop skills that will help them not just in the classroom, but in the real world as well.”  However, Mrs. Bartney also loves to see her students flourish outside of the classroom. She says, “Teachers are usually only able to see students in a one-dimensional way and only see them in the classroom, but I like to see my students involved in different clubs and activities and sports to see them in their element and to see them do what they are passionate about.” Mrs. Bartney is not only appreciated by her fellow staff members, who voted her teacher of the year, but also by many students here at Millbrook. Sophomore Nyla Brown, a student of Mrs. Bartney’s honors chemistry class, says, “Mrs. Bartney is very kind, funny, and makes class fun with her humor.” Nyla says that Mrs. Bartney has a good teaching style and encourages her students to be the best they can be. Nyla says, “Her classroom is a safe space, and she makes everyone feel comfortable.” Another student of Mrs. Bartney’s, Sophomore CeKeyra Flowers says, “Mrs. Bartney is a fast grader, chill, and easy to talk to.” Sophomore Emma Fleming, in Mrs. Bartney’s honors chemistry class, says, “Mrs. Bartney makes chemistry better, even though I do not love it.” Mrs. Bartney is undoubtedly a caring teacher who wants to see her students grow and succeed inside and outside the classroom; she is not only appreciated by other teachers but her students as well. Her goals of making a safe, welcoming, and encouraging classroom environment is one of the many reasons she is Millbrook’s 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year.