How Does The Movie Home Give the Word “Home” a New Meaning

Showcasing the movie Home on “the slushious” in space. Tip is portraying the feeling of being in awe and in wonder. Provided by: Saved as: Home photo

De'Zaria Lucas, Staff Reporter

  The movie Home focuses on an alien named Oh, voiced by Jim Parsons, and a human girl named Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci, voiced by Rihanna. The beginning of the movie first introduces these aliens called the “Boov,” who have a history of moving from planet to planet looking to find a new home. Then, the Boov invades Earth, removing humans from their homes. As the movie introduces Oh, the audience gets an understanding for his personality type, learning that the Boov are not very fond of him and they find him annoying. Unlike the rest of the Boov, Oh is a happy, positive, and very energetic alien.  Oh accidentally stumbles upon Tip, who was hiding after she was left behind on Earth after all the other humans were relocated. At first there was a mutual distrust, but as time went on, they actually became friends. As  both of them were lost and had no family, Tip’s mom was relocated with the rest of the humans, and Oh was running from the Boov. 

  Oh agrees to help Tip find her mother, and on their journey, their friendship grows as they find family and a “home” with one another. When speaking with senior Kesi Bologun, says, “It was a very emotional movie. It brought me to tears in the last scene when Oh had to choose between Tip and the Boov.” 

This movie is highly emotional, and a great family movie overall. This movie recreates a new meaning and feeling of the word “home,” indicating that being at home does not always mean a specific place. Home can be a person or wherever the family lives. Oh learns the true meaning of home and family when seeing how strong Tip’s love for her mom is.  Oh also learns what true friendship is, and what it is like to have a family.  

 Throughout the year, some people lose sight of “home” because they live far away from their families. Coming in from different states or different parts of a state to visit for Thanksgiving is such a wonderful privilege, and being able to see your family after being away for so long is fulfilling. Junior Cynae Livingston says, “While watching the trials and tribulations in the movie Home. I felt a sense of hope that could apply to real life as well, creating a sense of home and security in one another.” Being home for the holidays is such an amazing thing, and the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones creates such a pure form of joy.