Sport of the Month: Wrestling


N. Sivulka

The wrestling team is very dedicated to their sport, they love what they do.

Kendall Johnson, Staff Reporter

While many students at Millbrook may not know about the wrestling team, that does not stop them from being a hardworking group of athletes who excel in their sport. Wrestling is a winter sport that begins around October and ends in February. The Wrestling Team here at Millbrook consists of males and females who put in a lot of work throughout the season. In wrestling, there are fourteen weight classes where individuals wrestle to gain points for their team. Each of the teams go against each other, and the team with the most team points wins the match. While there is no official conference tournament, they have a “playoffs” in wrestling which is scheduled for late January or early February. The Millbrook wrestlers are currently 4-0 in their conference and 20-3 overall.

    Senior Nick Sivulka is one of the captains on the wrestling team. He has been on the team for four years and he takes on many responsibilities such as setting team expectations, pand being a friend for his teammates inside,  and outside the mat room. Nicholas says, “Wrestling is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I appreciate it because no matter what I do in the future with college, work, physical labor, nothing has pushed me more physically and mentally than wrestling.” The wrestling team is filled with lots of support and encouragement. Nick’s favorite part of wrestling is the team aspect, “It is an individual sport, but your teammates are there to push you and help you but can’t be blamed for your losses. I love the camaraderie that we have on the team,and I am hoping to bring us a conference championship home this year.” Junior Victoria (Tori) Bland explains that her individual season has been going well. She has had three varsity pins so far and has competed in two women’s tournaments and a JV match. Tori joined the wrestling team because she has been doing jiu-jitsu since she was ten years old and heard from her friends that wrestling is fun. She says, “I think what sets wrestling apart from other sports is it’s a very individual sport. There’s a lot of pressure when everybody’s watching just you and the other wrestler on the mat. Not every match is the same since you’re wrestling someone different every time, so you’re always able to learn and improve.”

  On Friday, January 11th, the wrestling team will be traveling to Chapel Hill High School for matches against Chapel Hill, Middle Creek, and Sanderson High School at five P.M. The wrestling team is an underrated team here at Millbrook that is very deserving of all of their accomplishments. Best of luck to the wrestling team for the duration of the season!