Style File: New Year, New Fashion NO NO’s


Wikimedia Commons

The bucket hat trend needs to pack its bags and be a tourist in a year that is not 2022. This year is full of improvements, and revisiting overdone trends will not provide that growth.

Berkeley Sumner, Section Editor

 Year by year, even week by week, there are fashion trends that go up and down in a flash. All people have their own opinions, but not all styles should follow into 2022. Let us just say there are a few things that really need to be left in the back of the closet.

   An easy item to let go: bucket hats. They give tourists, they give VSCO girl, they give… tacky. Bucket hats have a nostalgic value, which is why they were originally brought back. Stars like Meryl Streep and Billie Eilish have worn them in 2021. Junior Sheridan Ely shares her opinion on bucket hats by saying, “They can be really cute and interesting if you style it right, but otherwise leave it for the beach dads.” The floppy hat screams: “It is summer time,” but that is not always a good thing. Along with bucket hats come fanny packs, a trend that was brought back to life in 2019, but sadly has now aged into what should be retirement. Both are functional, but other items can take their place in a much more fashionable way. For example, switch out a bucket hat for a flat brim snapback or a fanny pack for a baby purse.

   That cute pattern that Lana Del Ray wore on the red carpet… maybe it is not so cute. It can be described as a sort of colored marble, more specifically water marble. The pattern is often found on online stores like SHEIN or ROMWE. When the pattern first appeared it was different and fun, somehow becoming quite popular. This overdone pattern should most definitely not be worn to a red carpet event, especially by a well-known musical artist. It is taking a turn towards checkerboard, basic. 

   The adorable boutique style of putting stars on everything, it truly needs to end. Again, they were cute to start, adding interest to a basic sweater or pair of sweatpants. Sadly, the stars are falling down and are just overdone. The frayed star sweaters can be seen hanging in thousands of teen girls’ closets. Unfortunately, they are not a staple or a classic, they are just a fad that’s downfall has finally come. If there is heartbreak in parting with the stars, try a lightning bolt or smiley face instead; it may end up dying out in the same way, but at least they are in right now.

   Like almost all trends, they die and occasionally get resurrected. With these though, they need to stay buried in the depths of the closet for now, or if you need a little extra cash, sell to Plato’s closet. Cat Talk is just trying to help you out, but always wear what makes you confident!