Unravel the Pages: Bring Back the Summer-time Feelings with These Summer Romance Books


Provided by: L. Jones

Presenting two romantic comedy books set in the summertime: Beach Read and The Unhoneymooners. With the help of these two books, anyone can imagine themselves back in the summer, instead of being in the wintertime with the coldest days ever.

Lauren Jones, Section Editor

  Winter can be fun for its own reasons, like playing in the snow, wearing new clothes, and other exciting things. But how long is it going to take for summer to come? Summer has its own appeals to everyone, and around the middle of the winter season, people start to yearn for summer to come quickly. If anyone is missing the summertime, then bundle up with the cold weather and read some summer romance books set at the beach to get a glimpse of those amazing days once again: Beach Read by Emily Henry and The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren.  

  Beach Read is a heartwarming, humorous romance book that focuses on the lives of two academic rivals since college that end up crossing paths again in the summer. Augustus Everett is a well-known literary fiction author, while January Andrews is a bestselling romance author. When January ends up moving into a neighboring beach house with Augustus for three months, things from the past begin to come back up in conversations. As both are experiencing writer’s block, January and Augustus strike a deal that will force them to write something that they would never think of writing. Augustus is challenged to spend the entire summer writing something that is happy, while January has to write the next Great American Novel. To accomplish this, they both spend the weekends together taking each other on field trips to help the other one write their book. At the end of the summer, both will finish a book and their feelings for each other will not get in the way. But who knows what will happen? Read this romance book to see what will happen to Augustus and January’s relationship over the course of their summer together.

  The Unhoneymooners is a beautifully written, hilarious romance book that follows the events between two sworn enemies on a honeymoon for their best friend’s wedding. Olive Torres is the unlucky twin to her perfect sister, Ami, who is getting married to the friend of Olive’s nemesis, Ethan Thomas. Ethan and Olive are forced to spend the entire wedding day with a brave face and not ruin the wedding based on their hatred for each other. However, when the entire wedding party gets food poisoning, Olive and Ethan are the only ones that are not affected. With the bride and groom getting sick, a free honeymoon is available, and Olive and Ethan are forced to take the honeymoon together. Unexpectedly, when the two arrive in Maui, Olive’s boss and Ethan’s ex-girlfriend happen to be at the same resort as them, forcing Olive and Ethan to nonetheless fake-date to avoid raising any suspicion. However, feelings get in the way, and Olive realizes that this might not be the worst thing that can happen. What will happen between the two as they are forced to be people that they have never thought they would have to? Read this romantic book, and see if the two enemies can work through their differences or will stick to their previous ideas of each other.

  Junior Mia Alomari describes her view on these books, “Summer-based books make me feel like I am back in the summer because of how the weather gets described, the activities the characters do, etc.” Reading these two romantic books, set in the warm, summery days, can bring anyone’s mind back to the summer.