Conspiracy Column: Is Queen Elizabeth Dead? And Other Royal Conspiracies


The British Royal family is the recipient of countless conspiracies. Who knows what kind of witchery goes on behind casket lids?

Emsley Jackson, Staff Reporter

The House of Windsor British Royal family has captured the hearts and minds of people from across the world for centuries. Historic weddings, births of princes and princesses, scandalous tragedies, and even influential fashion choices are all watched by millions. With this high level of attention, comes suspicion. Questions arise about long-kept secrets and things happening behind closed doors. How has the Queen lived such a long time? Is Prince Charles a vampire? How does Kate Middleton’s hair always look amazing? The answers might never be revealed. 

  Speculation over the long life of Queen Elizabeth leads a number of people to the belief that she is using various methods of scientific exploitation to turn back the clock. The 95 year-old matriarch is celebrating her 70th year reigning this year. Junior Graeson Matheson states, “I think the British Crown is injecting her with something to make her younger … or they are using stem cells from the unfortunate passing of young children in order to replace her dead cells.” This cell-regeneration theory is popular because it is the most realistic. Studies have shown that test subject mice, who were given doses of the enzyme called Tet2, resulted in “younger” functioning brains. While a portion of people believe that Queen Elizabeth is putting off expiration, others allude that she has already expired. In an article on, Rachelle Hampton wrote, “The queen has scaled back her public appearances since being hospitalized in October and suffering a back sprain … MSN UK quoted royal experts as saying the queen had entered a ‘new phase’ and would likely not be seen again until February.” The Queen lightening her schedule is an unusual move and raises red flags for followers of the Royal Family. 

  Plenty of bizarre and almost unimaginable conspiracy theories exist about the royal family, not just about the queen. Prince Charles is accused of being a vampire. He openly admitted in a 2011 interview that he was a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, an infamous blood-drinker. Prince Charles even owns several properties in Transylvania and is very proud of his bloodline. No pun intended. While Queen Elizabeth may have croaked, the belief that the entire Royal family are lizards is alive and well among conspirators. Junior Jacob Grintz relays, “All of the U.S. presidents have been lizards, and America was colonized by Britain so that must mean they are lizards too.” A large number of high profile figures, American and British, have been previously thought to be undercover reptiles, and the British Royal family is no different. Not even Meghan Markle is safe from the rumors. Due to a supposed spotting of the Duchess in the audience of “Britain’s Got Talent”, claims have been made that she is a robot or has been cloned. Even though that clone was found to be a wax figure of her, the suspicious are not convinced. 

  It seems as if everyone has heard or knows of stories about the Windsors, even if they have no loyalty or interest in them. When asked what he knew about the British Royal family, Junior Jackson Hunt expressed, “I have heard a lot about the assassinations in the family, like what happened to Princess Diana. I have heard that the Queen is supposed to be taking something that makes you live longer, and something about reptiles, not sure what that is about. But mostly things that all of the elites are accused of.” The fascination with royalty that consumes those on the outside can lead to crazy theories. Wild speculation of the world beneath the crowns and inside the castles brings out imagination, no matter how colorful. There is always hope that Queen Elizabeth might be a lizard.