Behind the Scenes of Millbrook Sports Medicine


Filling the coolers for lacrosse workouts, Ryder, Anna, and Jackson load them into the cart. Sports Medicine students are always providing support for the Millbrook athletics.

Carter Ramey and Berkeley Sumner

  There is more to sports than just the star athletes and game winners. At each Millbrook sporting event, at least one student who is currently in the Sports Medicine program or that has already taken both classes is there. By definition, sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. This class provides a basic training for those interested in pursuing a career in the field of Sports Medicine. This class allows its students to have hands-on experiences and see what it takes to be an athletic trainer. 

  Sports Medicine class is an elective course that is blocked, so any student willing to take this class must keep two spaces open in their schedule to take it. The course is split into two years. Sports Medicine I and II first, which focuses on the basic makeup of the anatomy, first-aid, and CPR. The second-year students take on more responsibilities and learn injuries in more depth. At sporting events such as games, tournaments, and practices, the students at Millbrook involved with Sports Medicine  are always in attendance. At practices, they are in charge of putting together coolers, water bottles, and whatever else is necessary for the sport. What they do at practices varies as some practices are more laid back than others. For example, at football practices, they have duties such as standing at each station of practice; while at wrestling practice, they are mainly there,  to provide treatment only if someone gets hurt. During games, Sports Medicine  is always looking out in case an injury occurs, and even then, they have specific jobs while in the playing area.

  This past year, the Sports Medicine program was taken over by a new teacher. Mr. Lange says, “All the kids put in hard work to make sure everything goes smoothly.” He has created an environment around Sports Medicine  that is welcoming for all the students. Junior Keely Waerness, a two-year Sports Medicine student, says, “We are like a family, which makes it so much more fun to show up everyday and get all of our responsibilities done.”  Showing up each day to give the Wildcats the best care, sports med is a vital part of Millbrook.