Class of 2022 Senior Superlatives

Class of 2022 Senior Superlatives

Best All Around: Christian Bartney and Sierra Demary

Most Likely to Succeed: Evan Freeman and Hannah Hortman

Best Dressed: Jalen Donaldson and Olivia Dubay

Best Sense of Humor: Jeremy Quick and Nina Wilson

Life of the Party: Ray Wiley and Gia Bondi

Most Friendly: Cyril Rodts and Jaidyn Hicks

Most Outgoing: Christian Bartney and Sierra Demary

Class Clown: Ray Wiley and Sierra Demary

Most Involved: Diego Gonzalez and Hannah Hortman

Best Hair: Will Smith and Megan Somerville

Best Smile: Tucker Wolf and Kiera Finnessy

Most Attractive: Jaylan Bowen and Olivia Dubay

Most Athletic: Wesley Grimes and Addison Belcher

Best Musician: Kyle Hinckley and Emma Dubay

Best Actor/Actress: Christian Bartney and Casey Wild

Best Artist: Quinn Alberts and Sydney Grantham

Most School Spirit: Jake Veldman and Laney Snead

Most Intelligent: Evan Freeman and Erin Schuette

Biggest Glo-Up: Joe Shanahan and Gracie Porter

Best Dancer: Rhakii Sheridan and Ashe’ Kelsey

Most Parent-Like Friend: Cyril Rodts and Viktoria Gustafsson

Best Singer: Ross Noble and Casey Wild

Biggest Techie: Andrew Powell and Madison Hammond

Biggest Diva: Jordan Stern and Marian Ward

Best Insta Feed: Harrison Enyeart and Jennifer Tran

Cutest Couple: Katherine Dickinson and Mason Roy

Best Friends Forever: Kiera Finnessy and Carly Murphy